The Magic of Crystals

In today’s challenging world scenario, people are turning to ancient, alternative practices to heal their distressed spirits and find positivity again. We speak to Anantikaa Vig, Founder of Divine Bliss Tarot, about the therapeutic power of crystals, candle healing, and Vastu tips for the home.

A positive energy field around you in crucial if you want to succeed not just in the competitive work area, but also in relationships and handling people, and of course the stress of this pandemic era. It’s heartening to learn that this can be achieved effortlessly with the help of new-age practices such as crystal healing, candle healing, and Vastu. We speak to Delhi-based Anantikaa Vig, who delineates the benefits of each.

Anantikaa R Vig with her crystals and Tarot cards

When did you start your practice - where did you learn candle and crystal healing?

Crystals have a healing and magical power in them. There are several crystals that are used for healing. I started my journey with crystal healing two years ago, but I’ve been into crystals for the last decade. I learnt candle healing and crystal healing by practicing, along with tarot reading.

What sparked your natural interest in these fields?

A small seed of passion for the spiritual and oracle world, sown in my mind during my school days, has resulted in my becoming a professional healer spreading positivity and love. As a young teenager, I was always drawn towards divine energies, and would often express this inclination to my friends and family. A small step led me to more and more individuals seeking guidance, and was also a point of self-actualization and appreciation of my inner strength. While 2020 showed me the bitterness of reality, and how tough life could get sometimes, I also suffered a huge loss. Losing my father was an emotionally challenging yet the biggest motivational event for me. It was then that I decided to pursue my passion and bring about a change by bringing people on the right track, healing them and guiding them. A single year into the divine path has brought happiness, gratitude, and contentment in my life. Becoming the last hope for severely depressed patients, uniting loved ones, establishing a balance in life, and watching people heal and express themselves freely has been truly overwhelming. It has been a divine ,blissful journey for me until now, and I look forward to bringing change at a greater level.

Crystal and Candle Healing

Why are alternative therapies such as these important in today's highly stressed out and digital world?

People have been really busy in this digital world and have no balance in their personal and professional life. To experience peace of mind and attract happiness, healing and restoring balance is essential. Not only physical health, but mental well-being is equally important. There are seven chakras in our body which need to be balanced and unblocked; blocked chakras can create a negative impact in one’s personal and professional life as they will affect you physically and emotionally. Tarot and numerology help one bring more clarity in the present, and provide the right direction and guidance, whereas crystal and healing therapy help people heal and live a positive, balanced life. When your energy is positive and good, you are able to give your best in your personal or professional life.

Candle Healing

Let’s start with candle healing – what is it exactly and how does it heal people? Where are your candles from?

The lighting of a candle is a rather therapeutic process of building focus, setting an aim, and achieving goals in different areas in life. Relationships, career, money, and health-related energies are often renewed through and healed by a candle lighting ritual. Different colours and shapes of the candle have a major impact on the energy being generated. Candle healing is mostly done on a full moon or a new moon night, though we can also perform it on a daily basis. Different colours have different purpose to heal. Candles are energized and are made with specific herbs and ingredients.

How would you use candle therapy for say, someone recovering from illness like Covid-19?

Green Candle and black candle healing is performed to heal health and release negativity or a psychic attack. Along with candles, crystals are really effective and have healing properties. For example, crystals like bloodstone, carnelian, lapis lazuli, garnet, amethyst, and smoky quartz, are really magical when it comes to healing your physical and mental health. One must supplement this with a health pure positive diet as well.

What kinds of candles would you use to elevate the mood - especially for people who are down and depressed due to today's financial crisis due to Covid-19 or loss of a job?

Green Candle: You can light this candle to draw money to you and good health, and resolve relationship issues as well.

Pink Candle: To attract peace and love.

Golden Candle: Gold is the colour of the precious metal and is used for money, financial success, and good fortune.

Red Candle: One can Infuse a little passion into a specific area in one’s professional life .

Yellow Candle: Best for students, as they can light a yellow candle while studying for better focus.

It is also advisable to have lavender or rose fragrance in the entrance of your house as it will help bring in positive energies.

Does one have to light the candle during the full moon or at night at any time – what is the reason for this?

Yes, a full moon is all about manifesting. A light blue candle is used to perform Bayleaf Manifestation Rituals. A purple candle is also advisable for a light for ancestors. People can also light a green or pink candle – for healing relationships, health, and to attract love and peace.

Crystal Healing by Anantikaa Vig

About crystal healing, what are the crystals you use, and what are their effects on people?

Another mystical tool, another step towards one’s purpose in life. The term crystal healing refers to the process of bringing your mind, body, spirit and the environment back into peace and harmony, restoring the body’s natural balance and equilibrium. Ongoing problems and the non-alignment in a person’s chakras enables me to provide them with the correct crystal, thus bringing transformation and restoring balance in their personal as well as professional lives. Crystals are available for every individual, and serve different purposes. From pregnant women to younger children, from a teenager to an aged person, they are absolute and transformational in nature. I deliver to clients pn-India. Before sending crystals to my clients, I always clean and energize them. I have all kinds of crystals available and I suggest crystals to my clients, based on their concerns, and what crystal will help them solve and heal their purpose. There are crystals for bringing love and positive energy in a relationship, crystals for attracting wealth, good luck, and good career opportunities.

How exactly does crystal healing work – does one have to wear the crystals – or keep them in one's bag?

Yes, people need to wear crystals or keep them in their bag or under their pillow while sleeping for healing. Crystals are also used as a Feng Shui remedy in the case of a Vastu correction at home or the work place.

Crystals have healing properties for specific ailments

What are the properties of crystals that make them so good for healing?

Crystals have the power to channel your energy levels, and heal your body and chakras. Every crystal is known for its own specific properties. I would like to take a few examples here: Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer; it relieves stress, soothes irritation, balances mood swings, and release anger, fear and anxiety. It alleviates sadness and grief, and dissolves negativity. It’s good for one’s personal and professional life. Green aventurine helps attract wealth and prosperity, boost your energies to be positive, and is good for relationship healing as well. It helps to forgive and release past negative emotions. There is an ample number of crystals that have magical healing properties.

How would you heal someone recovering from loss, or fear of the future?

So I would do counselling, Salt Bath, 7 Chakra Healing, and Crystal Healing. Crystals like unakite , rhodonite, rainbow moonstone, amethyst and rose quartz, can help overcome grief or fear of losing, sleepless nights, and anxiety. I have talked on similar topics during live shows, and personally as well, and have helped people successfully overcome such issues.

Anantikaa R Vig holding one of her crystals

Vastu is an ancient science – where did you learn it?

I learnt Vastu along with numerology long time ago. With practice and attending renowned webinars, I become better and better. Vastu plays an important role in our lives, and can do wonders for us.

How does Vastu affect one's life – and should one be mindful of it at home?

The modern era has made it crucial for us, given how applied principles of this science bring growth, peace, prosperity and wellbeing into our lives. On the other hand, knowledge and application of Vastu and Feng shui helps you make the most of your living space by harmonizing its energy flow. Having a bad relationship and career can occur because of your wrong house direction layout. The best part is that people don’t have to break anything in their house. Vastu correction can be done with the help of feng shui remedies and crystals.

What are some simple tweaks one can make – to make one's environment Vastu-friendly?

Here are some quick tips:

  • Remove or cover a television screen or mirror if it is in front of your bed.

  • Place a money plant in the south-east to attract prosperity and wealth.

  • Hang a wall clock on the north side of a wall.

  • Avoid having a bathroom in the south-west as it would lead to a bad relationship and financial instability.

  • Avoid cactus plants inside or outside your house.


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