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Fashion jewellery brand Outhouse unveils its newest monogram – a metaphor for childlike joy and optimism – the five-petal poppy flower. While it’s chic yet daring, just like all Outhouse creations, this new element adds delicate softness to the brand’s repertoire – a bridge between yesterday and today. We speak to Outhouse founders Kaabia and Sasha Grewal for the meaning of the new logo and their new vegan leather bag collection.

OH Poppi Tuberose Handcuff features an extravagant 5-petal flower over a solid cuff. Finished in 22 k gold INR 18,500

What inspired you to create the new logo – was it a specific childhood memory – and where was it, where did you grow up?

Sasha Grewal and Kaabia Grewal: Reminiscing about our time spent in our childhood home and the fond memories that accompanied it, gave birth to the Outhouse (OH) Poppi Monogram. The five-petal drawing has been a huge part of our childhood since it’s probably the first thing you draw as a child. Delving into this nostalgia, the monogram has always resonated with us, personally retracing our steps to when we were children. The monogram stands for a sense of playfulness and vibrancy that embodies the house’s individual spirit. The idea for the emblem dates back to the time when we stopped by our childhood home this summer where we spent the early years of our life, a home where we hadn’t visited for a long time. One look at the design is meant to bring back feelings of joy and a sense of innocence.

Sasha and Kaabia Grewal

What does the poppy symbolize for you, as it has different meanings for different people?

Each of the five petals that enclose the OH logo symbolize an emotion that reflects our journey – vibrance, boldness, free-spiritedness, independence, exuberance, and grace. These are the key virtues of the Poppi Flower. A lot of our inspiration comes from our travels; it was important to create something joyful while expressing the meaning behind it. It also holds a powerful place when it comes to embodying our individualities and Outhouse’s spirit in its essence. The poppi monogram epitomizes the expression of love, positivity, and the idea of being in the state of constant bloom, which closely defines the relationship between us. Naturally, it was important to us to be able to physically represent it and in the most feminine, yet strong way.

The OH Poppi Scallop Hoop earrings featuring intricate detailing on the border which surrounds the monogram in the centre. The convention defying signature ear studs are finished in 22 k gold INR 10,950)

does the jewellery collection entail, and how many pieces are there? What metal is used, that is dipped in gold?

Our Iconic monogram commemorates the brilliance of craftsmanship through the iconic new five-petal monogram. Staying true to our brand ethos, the monogram will now be visible in all of Outhouse’s upcoming collections – not just in its original form, but also adapted as versatile versions in hexagonal, rectangular, and scalloped silhouettes, with both metallic finishes and hints of colour. The elegant element makes its way to all the pieces like bags, rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and the upcoming men’s line; in their very own interpretations. Not straying from Outhouse’s signature aesthetic of chic yet daring creations, it adds a graceful gentleness to the brand’s collections. The idea is to show progression and how nature has been inspiring us over the years. The first drop in this collection has about 39 jewellery styles and a playful interpretation of the bucket bag in eight colours.

This contemporary necklace finsihed in 22 k gold plating fuses architectural finesse and remarkable craftsmanship. INR 22,500 The OH Poppi Lace ear studs are statement earrings handcrafted in 22 k gold INR 14,950

Where are your Jewellery pieces and accessories made?

All our accessories are handcrafted by our skilled in-house artisans in Noida, India.

OH Poppi Bucket Bag Powder Blue - INR 54,500

Can you tell us about the vegan leather bucket bag? What has inspired you to create this?

The vegan leather bucket bag is our reimagination of the classic bucket bag. The launch of our bucket bags with the new “5 Petal monogram” featuring 22 k gold finish is something that marks the beginning of a new voyage we are embarking upon. This versatile essential can be styled in more ways than one: A top handle, as a cross body and even as a midi-sized backpack! The inspiration behind this was to represent our journey, being diverse and exhilarating, hence it needed an emblem that blossomed. This day to date bucket bag is consciously handcrafted in PETA-approved vegan leather and is complimented by the Signature Poppi Monogram The beautiful simplicity of the Poppi flower monogram makes it hugely adaptable but memorable in the best way possible.

OH Poppi Elle bag OH Poppi logo

the second logo – where all will that be used, and is it for your fashion pieces?

The OH Poppi monogram is an addition to the existing lineage of iconic monograms. While the iconic OH V monogram (the V stands for numeric 5 as it came to life to celebrate the five-year journey of the brand) will continue to stay, the new monogram is designed in a way to celebrate and pay homage to our nostalgia. The monogram depicts the evolution of our journey as the founders of Outhouse along with the progression and the collective stream of ideas generated. The logo makes its way to all the pieces and accessories, building the brand’s lineage and embroidery. The transition of the logo shows its versatility and ability to be adorned with infinite opportunities. OH Poppi Bucket Bag Auker Yellow - INR 54,500

How should you create an Outhouse look for the season – how should one pair the cuff/necklace and bag – with what kind of clothes – how are you ladies pulling this look?

This is a perfect time to launch the OH Poppi collection. Travel and holidays are around the corner and we wanted to dedicate a collection which could be a true companion for the ladies this season. While we launched our first collection of bags a few years ago, they primarily catered to storing your essentials; with the OH Poppi Bucket bag, we introduced a size that could accommodate much more. From brunches, to meetings, to holidays, these pieces can be styled to elevate your look.

OH Poppi logo on jewellery

The beauty of the Outhouse accessories is that they are very versatile, and we strongly believe that there should be no rules while accessorizing. The jewellery can be mixed and remixed to create your own unique styles. They can be teamed with a dress, a saree or just a simple plain white shirt and denims.

The OH Poppi Clump Earcuff handcrafted in 22 k gold is a stylish spin on the regular earcuffs. This crowning glory can be worn as is or paired with other pieces from the collection INR 9,500

What do you recommend for intimate weddings and celebrations – to pair Outhouse with Indianwear?

Outhouse offers unconventional bridal jewellery for the unconventional bride. We love to experiment with new materials and innovative styles. Take our shell kaleeras for example, and also our statement earcuffs. These delicate yet vibrant pieces are exuberant and dramatic. These intricate concoctions of classic aesthetic with modern architecture are timeless beauties. Both wearable and versatile, these pieces of luxury jewellery have a special place in the heirloom treasure box.

The OH Petite Poppi ring is a classic jewellery piece which features a mini version of the OH Poppi monogram. Finished in 22 k gold INR 5,900

Outhouse today – how has the brand grown over the years – and where are you now, in terms of stores, online, international presence? Are you doing any collabs?

We’re thrilled to be completing 10 years this year! It’s been a wonderful journey and we are very proud of the brand that it has turned out to be today. We’ve worked with very interesting people from the industry and as a brand we are constantly evolving and there is scope for so much more!

We have our standalone stores in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata, and are available on various online platforms and multi-designer stores. We have a large international customer base as well, and are only looking forward to building a larger Outhouse family!

OH Poppi logo on a vegan bag

What is the future for Outhouse – and what are you planning?

Outhouse will be celebrating the completion of a decade next year. i.e., 2021. This is a huge milestone for us and for the brand, not to mention there’s many more to go. On the occasion of our 10th anniversary this year, we definitely have a lot of things on our list to celebrate this to the fullest.


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