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No doubt, the right lighting can transform a space. Here are some of this year’s key trends when it comes to illuminating your home – from low-hanging lamps and wall-mounted lights, to modern chandeliers, and state-of-the-art LEDs.

Lifestyle Insider An overhead hanging lamp creates a warm, diffused light

Lighting is an essential component for every successful home design scheme. Lighting fixtures play a great role in the transformation of the design and feel of homes, and a light is not just a light but also a piece of art. Almost every fixture has a role to play and influences the layout’s aesthetics all the while providing a sensory experience.

Since it can change the mood of a room and bring out the architectural beauty of a façade, lighting is a key element to consider when designing a space. Lighting can transform the shape and size of a room or a building. When choosing the right lighting for a home, the room’s purpose comes into the fore. The kitchen, which is a workspace, demands brighter, high CRI (colour accurate) light, while the living room calls for more mellow, warmer lighting. Table lamps and ceiling lights are today the focus of rooms as opposed to being merely functional.

Depending on one’s personal tastes, light fixtures are reflective of style, vision, and mood. Thoughtfully placed, cleverly designed, and carefully crafted lights transform rooms and dial in several other design elements. The art and concept of lighting has come a long way. With continued research and innovation, homeowners and designers have a wide variety of options today.

Internet of Things

Smart lighting fixtures are increasingly becoming the most adopted and widely requested among the latest trends for home. We’re living in the age of smart lighting which play a crucial role in lighting up spaces. With various applications and features to control, even remotely, the demand to upgrade to a smart light is now higher than ever. Some of the technology on offer also has the ability to connect with your GPS location, so your home lights up as soon as you are about to arrive.

Jaquar Lighting introduces innovative, smart lighting focusing on holistic solution, with smart lighting products that are easy to use and high on functionality, quality, durability, and sustainability scale.

Nature inspired and nature-conscious

Consumers are more design and sustainability conscious today than ever before. Lighting pieces that have a mix of metal with soft natural materials like wood fibres and soft cottons are increasingly taking centre stage, especially in standing fixtures and on sconces. This creates an ambience of warmth and brings the décor closer to nature – especially in spaces that have an inside-outside concept or ones which lean heavily on sustainability of design.

Lifestyle Insider Overhead lighting from Jaquar

Cleaner lines

Light fixtures that speak to the industrial tone or Art Deco pieces are making a huge comeback, but with cleaner, more modern designs. These pieces are especially sought as centre pieces that define a functional space – for example over the dining table or as installations in stairways. These fixtures boast simple geometric designs, clean lines, neutral soft colours, and a prominence of form over ornate aesthetics.

LED accents

Incandescent bulbs might be available easily in the market, but in the long run prove to be extremely wasteful and unflattering to modern-day designs. A myriad of LED strips and hidden lighting solutions help accentuate dark corners or heavy built-in storage units around the house. We now see a trend of highlighting overhead cabinets in the kitchen and mirrors in the bathroom with LED accents to add warmth and a soft glow to each of these spaces for occasions where consumers do not need the brighter lighting unit in these spaces to be turned on.

Lifestyle Insider Focused task lighting can come in the form of low hanging pendant lights such as this one by Jaquar, by the side of the bed

Multipurpose lights for today’s smart homes

When you have a small room, multipurpose lighting can help reduce clutter and can be a smart investment for activities that require more focus, like reading, working, or applying makeup. Focused task lighting need not be confined to the traditional desk light. Consider bedside table lamps, low hanging pendants on either side of the bed, sconces, wall mounted task lights on either side of a headboard, or other directional lighting placed above it. Shown here is the 1 LT Ivory Fabric Shade with Chrome Finishing Wall Lamp by Jaquar. Price: INR 3,725.

Lifestyle Insider Floor lamps by Jaquar can serve as task lights

Decorative home lights: Aesthetically pleasing floor lamps

Floor lamps are one of the most simple and convenient ways to add extra illumination to any room. Expect this to increase in 2021 as people seek to brighten up their homes with multiple light sources that enhance the Zen vibe. When placed close to sofas, chairs, or beds, they can serve as task lights. Shown here is the Grey Fabric Shade Pattern with Black Powder-coated Floor Lamp by Jaquar. Price: INR165,000.

Lifestyle Insider Modern chandeliers by Jaquar, become the room's focus

Light as the focal point in design: Modern chandeliers

This year, ceiling lighting will become the focus of a room rather than being merely functional. There will be elegant and extravagant light fittings coming through for every style, thoughtfully placed, cleverly designed, and carefully crafted ceiling lights will transform rooms. Lighting will become a starting point for design. Shown here is Jaquar’s Ceiling Light STL-COP-SL1204S14. Price: INR 282,000.

Smart energy LED lighting

Set the mood with interchangable coloured LED lights that can be automated through bluetooth connectivity on the Jaquar app. Not a basic bulb, but the Jaquar Vivid Smart LED Bulb (7W) offers a rainbow of hues (16 million colours, and various shades of white light) and a myriad party tricks for the children. Choose from the most appealing range of colours to transform your home lighting. These lights are wi-fi enabled, and operate on Bluetooth Mesh Technology, which means that a single app control can extend up to 200 devices. Users can control lights from various rooms. The light intensity is adjustable, and has a range of up to 10 metres. Price: INR 1,800.

All lights are available in-stores and on www.jaquarlighting.com


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