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It’s now all about a better quality of life at home. At this year’s IFA Berlin, Bosch introduces these intelligent and hardworking innovations in dishwashing, refrigeration; laundry care, and cooking that are elegant, and reduce your load at home – literally.

As consumer and electronics fair IFA Berlin decided to adopt an all-virtual format this year due to the pandemic, BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, a Bosch Group Company, decided it was the opportune moment to launch its latest innovations in household appliances that address society’s growing demands when it comes to safety and protection. A pandemic brings a lot of changes. It makes people feel unsettled, calls their everyday behaviours into question, and intensifies their need for safety and protection. Their focus turns to their home, their values. and their health. At the same time, life must go on, from cooking meals to doing laundry.

“This is a time,” says Matthias Ginthum, Chief Markets Officer, BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, “When we have to improve the quality of life at home – and where the role of the home and the kitchen especially, takes a central role. Today’s society has set restrictions and priorities, and people are discovering a new passion for cooking and baking at home. We at Bosch are number one when it comes to the digitization of the home. In this age, where life is smarter, we are ideally positioned as game changers.” The German company that launched the super-hit cooker Cookit, a “connected cooker” with a “digital brain” has been searching for new spaces in terms of creativity and services. It’s looked at a brand-new dishwasher, a large-capacity washer dryer, a reorganized refrigerator, and a state-of-the-art kitchen extractor – that is a table ventilator with a futuristic glass panel. Bosch innovations have always been about people’s real requirements rather than whatever’s technologically possible. This year, Europe’s number-one household appliances manufacturer has been named “Most Trusted Brand” in the Home Appliances category for the fourth time.

In line with their slogan – Live #LikeABosch, these appliances will help consumers design a more conscious, relaxed, safe, healthy, and sustainable everyday life, which will provide just the relief that people need in this challenging situation.

The PerfectDry dishwasher from Bosch with the Extra Clean Zone

Higher power, lower consumption
The new generation of PerfectDry dishwashers from Bosch are powerful while consuming even less energy, thanks to two world firsts: a third basket that provides about 25 percent more space for smaller dishes and wine glasses and the Extra Clean Zone with three rotating nozzles for extremely thorough and efficient dishwashing that doesn’t require a high temperature and saves energy. In combination with proven Zeolith drying, all the dishes can be put away in the cupboard immediately after washing.

The new Bosch XXL refrigerator with a large freezer drawer at the bottom and the VitaFresh freshness system

Lots of room for healthy freshness
The company has been constantly expanding its range of efficient XXL refrigerator models with premium freshness systems. One particular innovation is a model with a freezer drawer located at the bottom, for added ergonomic convenience. So, now there’s no need to stack items on top or rummage at the back to find them. The largest model in the Bosch portfolio is an impressive 86 cm wide, 81 cm deep, and has a 619-litre volume as well as a VitaFresh plus freshness system. The temperature is close to 0°C so food is always fresh. And the spacious side-by-side models bring American-style convenience into the home. The bottom line: these large fridge freezers from Bosch hold so much food and keep it fresh for such a long time that consumers can confidently skip an occasional shopping trip.

The new Bosch Series 6 washer dryer

Effortless laundry care
Another example of tangible everyday support is excellent laundry care. The new Bosch Series 6 washer dryer, for example, washes and dries up to six kilograms of laundry in a single cycle without transferring laundry between appliances or operating switches. And not only that: the special Hygiene Care programme also guarantees the hygienic cleanliness of almost all types of fabric. It’s good to know that doing laundry can be another way to effectively fight germs and promote good health. Plus, the water is washed at a lower temperature, protecting your precious fabrics and expensive clothes. There’s also an inbuilt function that smoothes out the laundry so that one can save time with the ironing. What’s certain is that Bosch has the ideal appliance for every household, 3/4 whether it’s washing machines with a second-generation i-DOS automatic dosing system, automatic programmes, connected appliances that deliver perfect results by exchanging data, or washer dryers whose lint filter only need to be cleaned several times a year. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies and numerous individually usable convenience features, Bosch handles large loads of laundry with a minimum of effort.

Bosch's new kitchen extractor with the PerfectAir sensor and Bosch's GlassProtect glass ceramic cooktop

Take a deep breath and enjoy
As people spend more time at home, they want it to be beautiful. Kitchen extractors, for example, need to be either eye-catching or blend seamlessly into the kitchen – or both. Bosch’s new integrated glass kitchen extractor, is so ingenious and futuristic, it even won the coveted Red Dot Design Award. It is simply lowered into the countertop when not in use, achieves a balance between design icon and nearly seamless integration. Its performance is also exceptional. Patented Guided Air technology from Bosch optimally guides the flow of air, while the PerfectAir air-quality sensor “smells” the intensity of the steam from the cooking pots and automatically adapts its power level. But it isn’t just noses that need pampering, it’s also the eyes, which is why Bosch added yet another innovation to its repertoire: a built-in glass-ceramic cooktop with a GlassProtect surface. This special coating developed by the glass manufacturer Schott is about 95 percent more resistant to scratches caused by sand and around 70 percent more resistant to scratches caused by abrasive sponges than conventional glass-ceramic cooktops with no special coating. A subtle metallic look ensures an elegant appearance that retains its beauty much longer.

As this year’s product highlights show, Bosch household appliances are doing more to promote quality of life and a conscious and sustainable lifestyle than ever before. With appliances this smart, the home becomes a haven, more time is saved for leisure, there’s less time taken to wind up after a meal, laundry care is easier, with less damage to clothes and more hygienic fabrics, and having guests over is a cinch with reduced cooking emissions at home. All in all, a pleasant home life with the right appliances.


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