It’s a Samosa Party!

India’s most ubiquitous snack is now just a click away, thanks to this QSR startup that first saw light of day in Bengaluru in 2017. With its tech-enabled food chain, the Samosa Party is now rapidly expanding in the country’s metros, after taking Delhi NCR by storm. We speak to co-founders Amit Nanwani and Diksha Pande about the array of fillings on offer, and what differentiates their samosas from the rest.

A Bucket of Samosas

How did the idea for Samosa Party come about?

We wanted to uplift the quality and perception of Indian Snacks. In the name of taste, people compromised on quality and hygiene. We deserved better and we felt that samosa is the ideal candidate to anchor the brand around. It's the ultimate unifier. Everyone's favorite. The idea came when we were thinking of an Indian food product that can scale globally and the samosa was the unanimous choice.

Samosa Party's bucket of samosas

Out of an array of Indian snacks, why did you choose the samosa?

There are approximately six crore samosas consumed in India on a daily basis which makes it very safe to say that it’s India’s most consumed and loved snack. Even if you look across the world in different cultures, there are products like Samosas that are very popular, be it Empanadas or Gyozas. We feel the biggest QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) that can be made in India for the world has to be on samosas.

Two different sizes of Samosa Party Buckets

What are the most popular samosas that you have introduced?

We have introduced many interesting products such as the Mutton Keema Samosa, Jodhpuri Aloo Pyaaz, Onion Patti Samosa (Irani Samosa). The most exciting concept we have introduced is the Bucket Of The Month, through this concept we introduce a new and exciting Samosa every month. Pizza samosa, Tex Mex Samosa, Pinwheel Samosa have all been warmly received by our customers.

Are the samosas made as soon as the order is placed? Are they preservative free?

Yes, every order is prepared when the order is placed to ensure the samosas reach the customers hot and fresh. The samosas are preservative free.

Can you tell us about the chutneys that you have?

There are two classic chutneys; the tamarind chutney and the mint coriander chutney; we curate special dips, chutneys and other accompaniments with our Bucket Of The Month products, for example the Tex Mex Samosa was served with a Jalapeno Cheesy Dip.

The Chai was particularly delicious. What is the secret ingredient?

The secret ingredient is a right blend of flavours coupled with consistency and most importantly the fact that it’s a Samosa Party product!

What is the kind of food technology and packaging that you have used?

We have used production and food technology only where it needed to improve the consistency of the product and standardize the process so if you’re tasting our products in Bengaluru or in Gurugram, you get the same taste and experience. We have not tried to change or tamper with the art and craft of Samosa making. That’s why they all look standardized but hand crafted.

You can try various samosa fillings

Have you actually engraved each samosa?

Each and every Samosa is engraved with the name of filling which is very unique to Samosa Party so if you see 100 Samosas from different places, you know which one is from Samosa Party.

Currently how many types of samosas are there, and which will be the next filling?

We are currently serving over 15 varieties of samosas and the next filling will be a secret until it’s released so stay tuned and keep ordering.

Can you tell us how samosa party fits into the QSR space…

We are trying to build an omni-channel QSR which is delivery-first. For the longest time in India the QSR sector has been dominated by foreign cuisines. Indian snacks had lost their place in this search for the next best thing. Samosa Party is bringing that back by elevating the experience through quality, hygiene and creating a world class product around India's most loved snack, the samosa!

Have you got fresh funding and what’s the next step for you? Which cities are you going to?

We’ve recently closed a $2 million round from Kalaari Capital. Future plans include taking India’s favourite snack to the world starting with the top six cities in India. We are now present in four states and will launch soon in two more.


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