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Launched this month on online fashion store Ajio.com, it’s a sneakers’ paradise with a medley of brands and styles under one digital roof. We find out from their spokesperson why Indians are turning into ‘sneakerheads’ and making a run for the hottest accessory of the year.

Choose a sneaker that reflects your style and personality at Ajio.com

The sneaker has been the ultimate fashion accessory for fashion’s underculture. Made popular by rap stars and basketball stars in the 80s, the sneaker has been the thread (or shoelace) that binds some of the biggest stars, musical artists, and sports players, and now it’s gone mainstream. So much so that rappers like Drake and Pharrell are doing collabs with some of the world’s biggest footwear brands, so great is the business. And the influence of the sneaker as a style statement is trickling into India. So it made sense when Ajio Sneakerhood was launched on online fashion portal Ajio.com in the first week of September 2020, making their entire range of sneakers accessible to sneaker lovers across the country. We get the details from Ajio’s spokesperson.

What was the reason behind launching this online store-in-store specifically for shoes?
The growth of the sneaker category in India indicates not just its infinite versatility, but also its stature in the democratization of socio-cultural cues across the work-life spectrum. Ajio Sneakerhood has been devised as a repository of both the philosophy and style synonymous with a rising global sneaker culture. We see a huge potential – when it comes to sneakers: in addition to seasoned sneaker enthusiasts, popularly known as ‘sneakerheads’, we now see sneaker lovers across gender and age groups, discovering and reinventing new ways to wear and expand their collection of sneakers.

Ajio.com's new Sneakerhood section carries over 10,000 styles of sneakers

How many brands do you house among the 10,000 styles on offer?
We have best of premium international brands, ranging from Nike, Adidas Originals, FILA, Puma, Reebok, to Diesel, Cole Haan, ASICS, Replay, Converse, Emporio Armani, DC Shoes, Superdry, GAS, Steve Madden, and many more. In addition to a wide range lifestyle and performance options, you will see iconic styles such as Nike Air Jordan and Adidas Ultra Boost to exclusives such as Fila Disrupter and House of Armani sneakers.

Ajio Sneakerhood is a celebration of all things sneakers – so you will find the offering extending from value, premium to some of most coveted pieces available. The range is available at competitive prices.

Which is your most expensive sneaker?
In addition to Emporio Armani, we have Cole Haan sneaker at INR 25,999 and Diesel sneaker INR 22,999. In the coming days, you will see many more exciting exclusive drops to the range.

And which are your most popular styles for women and men?
Adidas Originals Superstar, Fila Heritage, Fila Disrupter, Steve Madden are some of the popular hits amongst women.

Iconic styles such as Nike Air Jordan, Nike Air Max, Nike Lebron, ASICS Gel Noosa, etc. continue to be the top favourites with men.

Style your sneakers any way you want with Ajio.com's huge selection

According to your stylists, can one wear sneakers with everything – including a saree?
A sneaker is one of the most versatile pieces you can own in your wardrobe today. Besides being the epitome of functionality and comfort, sneakers have become crucial when it comes to making one’s own unique style statement. You find this expression come alive in creative and innovative style pairings such as a saree with sneakers; dainty dresses with sneakers; colour-blocked sneakers with neutrals; sneakers with formal suits… the list of possibilities has truly expanded! It is no longer unusual for sneakers to make an appearance in the boardroom or a red-carpet evening affair!

What is the obsession with young people for sneakers – and what are shoe brands doing to cater to changing fashion tastes?
From practical sportswear to a beacon of creative subcultures and now, as the perfect accessory for high fashion, the sneaker has been steadfast in holding its place as a statement of individuality. Ajio.com’s curation of Sneakerhood is a celebration of this ever-lasting crazy, stupid love for sneakers. In fact our campaign showcases and recognizes this ‘irrational love’ and the wearer’s single-minded allegiance to the Sneakerhood!

With an evolving sneaker culture, we are witness to several innovations in technology when it comes to performance wear, design, and colours, and materials when it comes to lifestyle options. Choices are more varied as sneaker culture gets more inclusive and cuts across gender, age, and income groups.


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