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Craft beer in India has come of age. With cutting-edge brewing techniques and some of the best ingredients from all over the world, we explore the newest wheat and lager beers brought out by BEOR360, with the brand’s Co-Founder, Rishabh Ranjan.

BEOR360 Wheat beer and Lager uses Himalayan spring water

Brewking Beverages has recently added two new BEOR360 beers to its portfolio – a lager and a wheat beer – perfectly enjoyable under the warm, wintry sun. Besides the goodness of pure Himalayan spring water, let’s find out what it is that imparts the flavour of these two refreshing brews.

Rishabh Ranjan and Amit Tiwari, Co-Founders of BEOR360

You’ve recently decided to add both wheat beer and lager to your portfolio of beers?

Our passion and love for beer set us on a path to craft the perfect brew. We wanted a beer that can become a companion for passionate individuals and bring like-minded people together for deeper conversations. For this, we travelled the world, and understood the markets in Europe as well as in India. We curated the recipes and played with the ingredients multiple times, before coming up with our two variants – the BEOR360 Craft Wheat and the Craft Lager. We wanted to ensure that our beer is a wholesome beverage. We use the best quality ingredients imported from across the globe, together with Himalayan spring water, and we don’t add any chemicals. This gives our beers a distinct freshness and taste.

BEOR360 - Craft Wheat beer

What is the difference between the two – in terms of brewing, and of course, for the drinker, in terms of flavour?

BEOR360 Craft Wheat has the calmness of chamomile. It has the right mix of barley malt, wheat, and hops which let the chamomile emerge from this hazy, unfiltered brew. A swirl towards the end of the pint while you pour the BEOR360 Craft Wheat into your glass gives you the flavour.

BEOR360 - Craft Lager

BEOR360 Craft Lager is soothing and refreshing. This variant has the best ingredients, pristine Himalayan spring water, and involves a brewer at the top of his craft and all the time in the world, making this the perfect lager. From the whiff to the sip, it is one to savour.

While the lager has restrained malt notes of honey and bread, the wheat beer has subtle notes of clove, banana, orange peel, chamomile, and coriander.

Do you import the barley malt, wheat, and hops, and from where?

All our ingredients are imported from different parts of the world: warrior hops from the Czech Republic, yeast from France, chamomile from Germany, and orange peels from Paraguay.

Where are your beers made?

Our beers are made from fresh and pristine Himalayan spring waters in Bhutan.

BEOR360 - at the Brewery

Who is your brew master – and what is the job of a brew master – for the layperson?

We have a dedicated brew master at the brewery who works very closely with an American counterpart to ensure our beers continue to have a distinct taste in every batch that we brew. Our brew master is responsible for brewing the beer, packaging, and storing it at optimal temperatures before it is shipped out.

Your water is from the Himalayas – why is the purity of the water so important?

If there’s one ingredient that can set good beer and great beer apart, it is the quality of water. We have ditched regular water and brewed this beer in Bhutan with Himalayan spring water. The water adds to the crispness of the beer, which is a quintessential part our beers. The spring water definitely adds to the overall appeal of the product.

BEOR360 - Labelling the bottles

What is the wheat best paired with in terms of food, and the lager?

A lager goes really well with Indian food because of its hops. And wheat beer which is high on citrus notes goes well in hot weather with cold cuts and cheese platters. We have also added chamomile to our wheat, which no other player in the market has, and it definitely goes well with both European and Indian cuisine.

BEOR360 - the final bottled beer

Which wheat and lager beers were you and your beer master inspired by when it came to creating these two?

We were inspired by Czech Pilsners and Belgian Wheats. They range from pale to yellow and gold in colour. The flavour profiles range from toasted grain and floral notes, to herbal and grassy hop aromas. They are light on the palate and well balanced.

How do you get flavours of cloves and banana in wheat beer? How does the yeast add those?

There are many methods of adding flavours to the beer. These are not the flavours that are imparted naturally, but rather they are intentional additions. The fruits and spices give our beers unique notes. In lager, there are restrained malt notes of honey and bread, while in the wheat beer there are subtle notes of clove, banana, orange peel, chamomile, and coriander.

The chamomile we have added to our wheat is something that no other player in the market has. It was interesting to try it with our test batches. We wanted to give a distinct aroma and smoothness to the beer and adding this special herb made a big difference.

Currently the beer is available in Delhi – will it soon be available all over India?

Currently we are operational in Delhi, in over 150 outlets, including bars, restaurants, and liquor stores. Soon we plan to expand in the other parts of the country starting with NCR region and then moving to parts of Uttar Pradesh, Hyderabad and Mumbai this year.

Do you export BEOR360 and where to?

Currently we don't export BEOR360.

How do you like to enjoy your BEOR360?

I like BEOR360 anytime of the day, be it in the middle of a work meeting or a barbeque session with my family, or just a chill session with buddies while watching a game of football. BEOR360 is the perfect companion. It’s not something you have at the end of the workday or workweek, it’s a beverage that binds perfectly into any and all parts of your life.

When did you first drink beer – and what did you love about it?

My love for beer stemmed during my college days in the US, and later when I went to Europe, I had the chance to experience a lot of good beers from all over the continent. That’s where my passion for beer got ignited.

Why is winter the best time to drink a BEOR360 beer?

BEOR360 can be the perfect companion for the winter sun. It is light on the palate, and yet has a gratifying flavour. Sip it under the sun or enjoy it with your brunches and barbeques in the warmer days ahead.


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