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Get ready for Chandon’s brand new avatar, just in time for National Wine Day on May 25. The iconic sparkling wine from the LVMH family has undergone a sleek new makeover that puts its shining seven-point star in the spotlight, and that plays tribute to its global spirit (it’s currently present in six countries), and a sense of adventure and exploration. We speak to Laurent Morel, President and Regional Director, Moët Hennessy Asia Oceania, about what sparked off this eye-catching change.

Chandon India Brut wine, with the new label

It’s a new era for Chandon in India. Seven years after making its debut on our shores, the sparkling wine maison is ready for a refreshed new visage. With wineries in Argentina, Brazil, California, Australia, and China, India remains a special market for Chandon, given our cultural and geographic diversity. “It's an exciting time for the brand in India as it paves its way into embracing a new identity and voice,” says Ipsita Das, Managing Director, Moët Hennessy India. “I truly believe that our message of inclusiveness will be appreciated by our patrons and brand advocates around the country.” We at Lifestyle Insider are just as excited about this visually striking new face that the sparkling wine maison now sports, and turn to Laurent Morel, President and Regional Director, Moët Hennessy Asia Oceania, for his take on Chandon’s new avatar.

M. Laurent Morel, President and Regional Director, Moët Hennessy Asia Oceania

Why did Chandon go in for a new brand identity at this stage – after being present in four continents, and after so many years of success in India?

Laurent Morel: Since its inception, Chandon has always been pioneering, searching for unexpected lands, and always innovating its techniques bringing delight to our customers and patrons. The launch of our new brand identity heralds a new era at Chandon both in India and our global markets, it is a direct reflection of the values we defend and protect – courage, collaboration, and inspiration. India has always been a special market to us, given the cultural and geographic diversity; we hope that our relationship built only grows forward and upward in the upcoming years.

What does this new identity mean for the Maison, as far as Indian consumers are concerned?

The new look and feel mirrors the brand's global values while simultaneously delighting loyal consumers and attracting adventurous new shoppers with its eye-catching vertical logo. The new design is clean and simplistic, a perfect representation of the young and modern consumer. We are confident that our consumer in India will love it as much as our consumers elsewhere. Unfortunately, due to the current market situation in India (and our launch market of Maharashtra), our consumers will have to wait just a bit longer to discover this bottle.

Picking the grapes for Chandon India at their Nashik winery

I noticed that 'Un Monde de Possibilités' in French figures right below the star on the new label – is that an indication for future growth – and future territories to be looked at by Chandon?

We are proud to currently have six renowned global markets spread across the globe under our belt, varying from geographic and cultural backgrounds, making ours the largest sparkling vineyard worldwide and the only domain on which the sun never sets. This has not only helped us redefine Chandon as a global brand but has helped us to understand our markets much closely. With regards to newer markets, as our brand tagline 'Un Monde de Possibilités' which translates to ‘A World of possibilities’, we are always on the lookout for opportunities that resonate with our brand values and philosophy. It’s a world of possibilities at Chandon, globally – be it new territories, markets, or products.

The seven-pointed (star) is unique – what does it symbolize?

The seven-pointed star is representative of Chandon’s six globally renowned wineries – across Argentina, Brazil, California, Australia, China, and India – and the seventh of its pioneering spirit always on a quest to unveil a world of possibilities. The mark celebrates the brand's premium position as the world's largest sparkling wine estate with 1,400 ha solely dedicated to growing grape varieties dedicated to bubbles.

Chandon India Rose with the new brand identity

The vertical design almost looks like a ribbon; was this deliberate in the sense that it makes the bottle look like a gift almost?

The logo and the entire identity of Chandon has been revisited by taking inspiration from who we are today – six wineries, one bold pioneering spirit. Everything else is linked to this to open up a world of possibilities – which is what we do at Chandon. We welcome everyone at our table. The new label you see has been the culmination of extreme hard work to create a first of its kind vertical label in the business and we are very proud of it. It’s reflective of Chandon’s pioneering spirit – being the first to start a trend!

Who was the person/company that redesigned the brand identity?

Our team at Chandon’s centre in Paris has been responsible for this revolutionary brand revamp. Months of research and development has led us to this point, and we are proud of the end result.

Pinot Noir grapes grown locally in Nashik are used to make Chandon wine

Chandon in India – what is it that the company is looking at this year?

Given the current macro situation, our focus for India this year is to ensure that we continue building strong brand awareness and recruitment, to ensure our community of Chandon lovers continues to grow. We are also sure our current consumers will absolutely love the new direction of the brand and support us during this journey as they have in the past.

Your award-winning Rosé continues to wow Indians – are there any festive specials or any focus you are putting on the Rosé right now?

We are very happy with the response received from our Indian press, consumers, and trade during our six years in India. The various international awards and accolades received for both Brut and Rosé have given us an increased vigour to grow and bring out the best India has, to offer in sparkling wines – which is world class. We do not have any specific plans on the Rosé just yet as we plan to concentrate on building the new identity this year.

Picking the grapes - in Nashik - that go into the wine for Chandon India

Chandon's wine-making style is different from the rest – what is it that sets it apart from sparkling wine competitors in India and worldwide?

We are an enthusiastic and diverse community of explorers with winemakers of seven nationalities across six countries spanning four continents. While incorporating new global techniques to our respective markets is one of our key advantages, we aim to collaborate, evolve and bring the best we have to offer. Chandon is a maison where the sun never sets!


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