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Ignite your dreams with Collection I, the first collection by Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert for Swarovski, incubated in the phantasmagorical world of Swarovski’s new Wonderlab.

Swarovski Collection I Campaign Shot

The year 2021 is one of reinvention. Luxury maisons the world over are dipping into their archives to pay homage to their founders, inspired by the very first creations, sketches, and writings. Luxury Austrian crystal maison Swarovski is no exception. Their latest Collection I, the very first collection by their Creative Direction Giovanna Engelbert, has been inspired by the brand’s founder Daniel Swarovski’s original technical drawings, and the mathematical beauty of his very first creations – and reflect the fundamental properties of crystal. Collection I is an intricate, hyper-expressive, and versatile collection that transforms jewellery into a ritual of self-expression.

Now in its 126th year, Swarovski has stepped forward with a bold new vision for the future. Known for its creativity in the worlds of fashion, entertainment, science and design, and as a powerhouse of culture and style, the next era of Swarovski takes off with a dramatic new vision. “For 126 years, Swarovski has had the power to transform and reinvent itself time and time again while always staying true to its DNA,” says Robert Buchbauer, CEO, Swarovski. “We are excited to add a new chapter to this tremendous success story by lifting Swarovski’s center of gravity to accessible luxury and by truly becoming a crystal lifestyle.”

Swarovski Collection I Campaign

A Wonderland of Imagination

“Ignite your dreams” is the new rallying call for a Swarovski world set in an imaginary Wonderlab. That is how the new and first-ever Swarovski Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert envisions the modern crystal lifestyle, a radically inclusive laboratory of creativity that invites the world to celebrate their individuality and partake in the fantasy. We caught a glimpse of this fantastical, crystallized, candy-pop world when Swarovski released its ad campaign recently, set to pop chanteuse FKA twigs’s haunting ditty Swarovski – Welcome to Wonderlab. “The Wonderlab is an idea, it is an imagined place that embodies everything Swarovski stands for and that will continue to inspire us for years to come.” Says Giovanna. “The Wonderlab is where science and magic meet, where extra and elegance collide, it is a feeling of wonder that everyone should experience as we invite them into our new world at Swarovski.” With an explosive approach to colour, size, and styling, the new vision manifests itself beyond products into new experiences, events, and new store concepts across the globe, transforming the way Swarovski is perceived with a radical new vision for generations to come.

It All Begins with Collection One

The first expression of the Wonderlab comes to life in Giovanna Engelbert’s first collection, Collection One. “I wanted to explore the fundamental geometry of crystal and its potential as a material. Looking at Daniel Swarovski’s first drawings was an absolute inspiration, discovering the magic of his early inventions and understanding the power of his dream to create something the world had never seen. As I set out on my own creative journey, I respect how transformative jewellery can be, and wanted to create pieces and a vision of style that women and men could embrace and feel like their bold unique selves in.

As if plucked from what Giovanna calls a “Mathemagical Garden”, the collection is an array of necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and body jewellery that manifest the fundamental but magical properties of crystal. An inventive approach to scale, cut and colour creates a hyper-chunky, hyper-expressive, and hyper-versatile collection that invites the world to tap into their creativity with a sense of grandeur and play.

The Many Aspects of Collection One

Statement-making and empowering, these are the jewellery families in this Collection I:

Millenia is as fundamental to the wardrobe as the White T, these bold and timeless touches of refinement in a rainbow of cuts and colours are made to have and wear forever.

Hyperbola is about beautifully complex statement pieces inspired by mathematical patterns bring just the right amount of spellbinding drama to designs as intricate as they are elegant.

Constella is the ultimate stargazing material. Crystal constellations set on thin metal bars in unexpected combinations are as delicate as stardust and bring the cosmos to the everyday.

Matrix is as if the crystal is forming before your eyes; these extraordinary and elegant pieces have an unexpected fluidity inspired by exponential movement.

Mesmera Bracelet

Mesmera is hypnotic, wondrous and ready for extravagance. These mesmerizing, innovative crystal clusters bind uniquely shaped stones for the ultimate evening statement.

Harmonia is all about oversized cushion-cut crystals in a suspended setting, giving the illusion of floating stones and bringing a sense of harmonious mystery to a look of extravagance.

Green Dulcis Cocktail Ring

Dulcis challenges the sharp with the soft through a Modern Art lens, bringing full-spectrum sweetness to cushioned designs made to adorn and adore.

Curiosa Clip Earrings

Curiosa crafts “Mathemagical” structures into unexpected shapes of divine proportion. Intricate and complex designs that spark the imagination like curious objects of study.

Thera is a framework of unusual wonder. Patterns of crystal fabric inspired by iconic textile prints of the Japonisme era bring the liveliest crystal texture to life for a striking statement from day to night.

Gema is Swarovski’s widest variety of stone cuts and rich, vibrant colours all-in-one pieces. Bringing a boldly random accumulation of gems into a kaleidoscope of prismatic joy, ready to wear.

Chroma Choker Chroma Earrings

Chroma boldly layer stones in their purest chromatic expression. Like a deconstructed prism, with multi-colour on classic white, these gemstone-like creations leave everything to the imagination.

Lucent Earrings

Lucent is designed with a playful finish. These earrings feature an octagon-cut crystal sliced in half to create a suspended effect on the ear.

Orbita explores versatility with double-sided elements that swivel and can be seen from all angles, this is a sartorial and meticulous approach to complementary shape and colour.

Collection I is now available on Swarovski.com and Swarovski stores.


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