Paradise Found

Caroline Scheufele of Chopard gives us a peek into some of the most exquisite jewels that are adorning the Cannes Film Festival red carpet, part of her annual Red Carpet collection, Paradise, where imagination reigns supreme.

Necklace sketch for Chopard's Red Carpet Collection

It is a uniquely magical moment, the most glamorous event of the year. For the Cannes Film Festival, which Chopard has been officially partnering since 1998, the Maison’s workshops annually rise to a new pinnacle of creativity by reinventing the miracle of the Red Carpet Collection. A stunning demonstration of jewellery making prowess lighting up a lifelong passion for the cinema and paying tribute to the actresses who embody its radiant energy during the legendary ascent of the staircase.

Chopard's Heart Necklace, Red Carpet collection

Before unveiling the 74 creations composing this Haute Joaillerie collection at the ongoing Festival, Chopard's Co-President and Artistic Director, Caroline Scheufele, provided a sneak peek by revealing the first models, themed around a fabulous haven of fantasy. Among them is a flamboyant double necklace adorned with a sumptuous 30.68-carat fancy vivid yellow diamond and supremely embodying the Red Carpet’s luxuriant spirit.

Chopard Bracelet Red Carpet

Paradise, a theme expressing all the dreamy richness of which Caroline Scheufele is capable, flings wide open the doors to the palaces of the imagination through a distinctive collection teeming with life.

Chopard's Yellow Diamond Necklace Red Carpet collection Chopard Yellow Diamond Necklace Red Carpet collection

Theatre of dreams

Each piece of jewellery stems from an emotion, each culminating from an idea in a creation. Then comes the sketch, the mosaic of precious stones, colours like destinations, and a wild desire to share. Caroline Scheufele began unveiling the first emblematic pieces at the cusp of the Cannes Film Festival. A creative universe whose texture and density unfold in the dazzling landscape of her imaginations. Like a director, this keen film-lover orchestrates each of her collections around a real narrative, a master canvas within which her creations come to life and give substance to her vision.

Chopard Water Earrings Red Carpet collection Chopard Bracelet Red Carpet collection

Paradise, a haven of marvels

Paradise, the next Red Carpet Collection, takes us to the heart of a theme dear to Chopard: that of unspoilt, generous and sublime Nature. A dreamlike and fertile place, permanently accessible to everyone, free to imagine its contours and to go there to recharge their batteries as they please. A paradise to be found within oneself, according to one's imagination and desires. A realm of all possibilities.

Chopard Fire Earrings Red Carpet collection

When instilling a baroque, fanciful spirit into the 2021 Red Carpet Collection, Caroline Scheufele drew inspiration from the lush nature of the mythological or real places populating her fantasy repertoire. A bountiful Garden of Eden, where precious stones are picked like berries, where plants and animals offer their songs and spectacular colours; a secret landmark, like the island of Pantelleria, where the telluric depth of the volcanic rocks is reflected in the crystalline transparency of the waters where Caroline Scheufele loves to immerse her gaze; or a supernatural, vision of nature resembling that of the fantasy film Avatar, a metaphorical space in which to find refuge, to escape the hostility of reality and to find a new lease on life.

Chopard Yellow Diamond Necklace from the Red Carpet collection

Among the countless references enlivening Caroline Scheufele's majestic world, the Artistic Director has brilliantly enlisted a whole range of creative resources in this Red Carpet Collection, of which the first emblematic pieces are presented today. The first dazzling creation features interlacing yellow diamonds aristocratically circling the neck in a choker, before unfolding into a second halo of light adorning the decolletage. It is majestically adorned with an exceptional stone: a stunning fancy vivid yellow 30.68-carat diamond single-handedly epitomising the opulent splendour of this goldsmith's paradise.

Chopard Bracelet

Among the other creations that will compose the collection, a "snake" ring, directly inspired by the Garden of Eden, flaunts its charm on the finger, while a delicate tsavorite sautoir necklace with a leaf-shaped pendant lights up the decolletage. Cradled by the enchanting waves of a sea of sapphires, a "dolphins" ring depicts these delightful creatures dancing around a magnificent 59-carat oval tanzanite. Finally, Caroline Scheufele has designed a bracelet with a colourful graphic central motif embellished with garnets, tsavorites and tourmalines.

Chopard Brooch Red Carpet collection Chopard ring sketch

Chopard, sculptor of wonders

Among the Chopard Haute Joaillerie collections, Red Carpet is the one that embodies the ultimate dazzlement, nourished by Caroline Scheufele's curious and lively view of the world. This collection also highlights the extraordinary work of the Artisans who exercise their skills in Chopard’s Haute Joaillerie’s Geneva workshops, the largest in Switzerland. From design to volume, from goldsmithing to gemsetting craftsmanship, these Artisans combine their talents in giving life to this collection of 74 creations corresponding to the number of years since the Cannes Festival first began.

Chopard Esperanza Watch, Red Carpet collection

Each year, the challenge of creating a collection of this magnitude in the same workshop is taken up by the Artisans, who apply their own genius and expertise to each creation. In this respect, the Red Carpet Collection symbolizes the quintessence of classic jewellery-making expertise and carefully preserved tradition, nurtured by a fresh eye and a genuine avant-garde spirit. It is in this commitment of heart and mind, expressed through the nobility of hand craftsmanship, that the emotion of this new collection unfolds, impelled by the fertile spirit of fabulous odysseys.

Chopard Platinum Necklace, Red Carpet collection


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