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From the gritty streets of the world’s capitals, right into your wardrobe, Capsul is all about urban, slow fashion from international brands, that really speaks to millennials and Gen-Zers. We speak to its founders, Meenakshi Singh and Bhavisha Dave.

Meenakshi Singh and Bhavisha Dave, Co-Founders, CAPSUL

How have your stints in international sports and apparel brands shaped your creative vision?

Our past experience with PUMA, in India and outside, exposed us to amazing projects with streetwear brands and culture leaders. Simultaneously we saw interesting youth collectives making their presence felt in India and hip hop was on the rise. We saw an opportunity to introduce streetwear brands to the Indian audience because we realized these brands have tribes here in India as well. And that’s how Capsul came about.

Why and when did you decide to launch Capsul?

Capsul was started by Meenakshi and Bhavisha. Both of us love streetwear, sneakers, and what they represent. We started the Capsul Streetwear platform in March 2019 with five brands and barely 30 styles in all. We started Capsul to make streetwear accessible to Indians.

Colourful streetwear from Capsul

What is the vision behind Capsul?

Streetwear for us is the intersection of culture, sports, music and fashion. Capsul is India’s first multi-brand streetwear store. We curate products that we like to call ‘conversation starters’. We’ve curated OG and emerging streetwear brands that we respect for their community building, storytelling, and timelessness. Capsul is also the founder and curator of ‘WORD On The Street’ – a community, DIY event conceptualized to provide a platform to bring together tribes representing Streetwear, Sneakers, Art, Music, or just about anybody with an interest in being a youth culture creator. In a nutshell, Capsul is a community-first platform that loves stories and experiences. International streetwear in India - at Capsul

What is Indian streetwear and what does it take inspiration from?

Streetwear is the fashion expression of youth culture. To that end, it has a fairly global tonality. Indian designers and streetwear labels are creating their own space in the global streetwear fashion-scape by digging into their roots and packaging it for global consumption.

Traditionally, we are not a country that has played with streetwear at all – so how do you create your own markers for what is great streetwear – in terms of art and graffiti artists etc?

The internet and social media specifically have shrunk the world. There is a host of global high-quality events like Art Basel, Beyond The Streets and so on, which showcase the works of the greatest of the greats. The artist community follows these closely. Moreover, there is an overall confidence in the Indian youth, their identity, craft and ability. Projects like ST+ART India have brought together global and Indian artists on a massive platform which has had worldwide walkability. Artists like Shilo Shiv Suleman, Hanif Kureshi, Sajid Wajid, Santanu Hazarika, Sam Madhu, and Jas Charanjiva are blazing a trail. And essentially this is how markers get created at a domestic level.

HUF X Steven Harrington at Capsul

What are some of the key pieces in your collection?

We have a great curation of apparel which includes limited edition, oversize tees, shorts, hoodies, and the likes to go with the latest sneaker drops. One of our most recent drops is the first edition of the HUF X marvel drop which features 90s style comic book imagery rich in art, storytelling and stark depictions of cities. A large chunk of our products are art collaboration pieces. One of the highlights is an 8-feet rug by street artist Joshua Vides in collaboration with The Hundreds. The Be@rbricks collectibles – are new age canvas for artists, and make for great collectibles.

Colourful and chic, for men and women, street fashion at Capsul

Is it unisex?

Yes. Streetwear is unisex. However, we have also started curating a small women’s specific drop to provide for the demand of crop silhouettes and women’s bottoms.

What are the summer must-haves from Capsul?

Mesh shorts and resort shirts!

International brands at Capsul

Where are you available and do you also ship internationally? Store plans for the future?

We are available on the world wide web – . We also have a flagship store inside the iconic Hatworks Boulevard, in the heart of Bengaluru, inside a 200-year-old beautiful heritage property. (CAPSUL Store – Hatworks Boulevard, Cunningham Road.) We ship worldwide.

Your inspiration for your next collection?

Our inspiration for the next CAPSUL drop focuses on loving oneself, and supporting friends and family. Watch out for the drop, coming soon.

Streetwear that's full of attitude


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