Portrait of a Royal Bride

Superstar Kareena Kapoor Khan stars in the campaign for the first luxury bride label by Masaba.

The Masaba Bride, starring superstar Kareena Kapoor Khan

House of Masaba is pleased to announce the launch of their luxury bridal label ‘The Masaba Bride’ with the campaign ‘Patiala Portraits’, starring modern-day royalty Kareena Kapoor Khan. “Kareena is timeless and I wanted a timeless face for this campaign. She owns herself with confidence in every stage of her life or career; and this association pays homage to the brides who embody strength, independence, and individuality”, says Masaba Gupta. The collection is a tribute to the timeless grandeur and elegance of the Maharanis of Patiala, Begums of Hyderabad, and the Princesses who placed India on the map of global influence.

‘Patiala Portraits’ draws inspiration from the rich tapestry, with a sense of royalty and an ode to India's regal history; blending it seamlessly with contemporary designs. It is a luxurious story woven with dori, sitara, and moti kaam; bitter-sweet anticipation of a new beginning. It is for the modern woman who stays true to her roots but does not shy away from owning herself and finding her voice.

Masaba Gupta

“When envisioning this collection, I couldn’t help but see it as a heartfelt love letter—a tribute to the incredible women who have led by example,” says Masaba. “Choosing Kareena as The Masaba Bride was a natural choice; she personifies the very essence of our bridal line: timeless, classic, and powerful. In an age of influence, Kareena stands for inspiration. In this campaign, she is not just the bride on her wedding day, but also the bride when she’s letting her hair loose at the after-after party or when she’s coy yet confident at her haldi - mehendi.”

“I believe marriage is one of the most glorious days in an individual’s life, and I want everyone, regardless of gender, to revel in their wedding festivities, feeling liberated, powerful, and completely authentic when they wear pieces from the ‘Patiala Portraits’ by House of Masaba.”, says Masaba. Patiala Portraits’ celebrates India’s rich royal heritage, drawing inspiration from the esteemed Maharanis of Patiala and the Begums of Hyderabad. The collection seamlessly merges traditional elegance with modern design, showcasing both historic grandeur and contemporary style.

“I have always been an admirer of Masaba’s vision, which is truly unmatched,” says Kareena Kapoor Khan. “Her patterns and designs always have a beautiful story to tell. So thrilled to be with her on the journey as she launches The Masaba Bride, a day that every woman wants to feel her most beautiful self.”

The Masaba Bride, starring Kareena Kapoor Khan - with the chaand phool motif

In true Masaba fashion, the collection is laden with meaningful motifs that are delicately woven into the fabric. One of the most distinctive features of the collection is the son chidiya motif - a bird in flight, which is emblematic of growth and freedom. Another popular motif in the collection is the neel kamal, something that comes from dirt but emerges into a visual so beautiful. The trikone, anar borders, wallflower cheetah, haath phool, and the popular Masaba dil chidiya is also seen across the collection.

Ranging from double odhani lehengas, Patiala salwar sets, to corset and tissue sarees, cape gowns, and skirts, ‘Patiala Portraits’ is nothing short of a fairy tale but styled in a very real world for a woman who embraces the traditions while fearlessly forging into the future.

The Masaba Bride, starring Kareena Kapoor Khan - wearing red

‘Alta’, symbolic of femininity and marital bliss, depicts the auspicious red that has long been intertwined with matrimonial ceremonies. Lehengas in rich velvet fabric embellished dori, dabka & sitara kaam, signature maroon saree with a dramatic chand phool veil, printed lehengas and kaftans in signature anar phool motif embroidery as well as raja koti and bandi with kameez for the groom are seen across Alta.

Aam Ras - Signifying the wish of a bountiful and fruitful life for the newly weds, the Aam Ras line is stitched in the rich shades of a mango - orange and yellow. Comprising of classic Masaba sorbet lehengas with multicoloured kalis, anarkalis, odhanis, raja kotis, sadris, among other silhouettes, the garments are laden with intricate son chidiya, son champa, kamal motifs. Signature prints like masakkali, narangi baugh and genda phool can also be seen across Aam Ras.

The Masaba Bride, starring Kareena Kapoor Khan - in kesar or orange

Kesar is a symbol of richness and celebration; the Kesar story is a wish for the new bride to add colour to her new life while being authentically herself. Kesar is a popular colour in the wedding festivities, the hues of yellow compliment the haldi, mehendi and wedding ceremonies. The range has signature Masaba sorbet lehengas, gowns, skirt and bustier with detachable capes, saris with madakal neckline blouses, leheriya inspired odhanis among the range of garments.

Muh Meetha, the iconic Masaba rani pink (the jet black of India), a colour that is inevitable in the world of a bride, is front and centre in the Muh Meetha line, along with other shades like mithaai pink and gulaab pink. Signature motifs like paan patti, dil chidiya are along with the nurvi print and other distinct embroideries and motifs are seen across the vibrantly coloured sarees, sadri - kameez, anarkali and gowns across Muh Meetha, The rani pink corset sari with ruffled palla and son chidiya ghunghat in sitara and dori kaam embodies the mood of the colour and strikes its claim like a modern, bold woman.

The Masaba Bride, starring Kareena Kapoor Khan - in dahi shakar hues

Dahi Shakkhar, considered auspicious before a new beginning, the range exudes timelessness in the ever changing world in shades of ivory. The ivory augh-e-Bahar and Jal Kamal lehengas and son chidiya cape gown and raja koti emanate royalty and grace fit for a new age regal wedding. Sitara gaath kaam, dabka kaam, sheesha kaam along with other intricate embroidery techniques and motifs are seen across gowns, lehengas, gowns and skirt sets in Dahi Shakhar.

Nimbu Mirchi, a mark of warding off evil, the garments draw inspiration from shades of Nimbu Mirchi. With jhaali kaam, leheriya inspired sarees and dupattas, signature parijat print and madakal borders among other techniques and motifs against fresh, muted colours and garments like the summertime sorbet lehenga and anarkali, ‘Nimbu Mirchi’ is a perfect ensemble choice for day weddings and other outdoor ceremonies.

The Masaba Bride, starring Kareena Kapoor Khan - in a white gown

Namak, embellished with pearls and moti kaam, Namak showcases the beauty of the elegant and timeless safed or ivory with gala skirts, bustiers, capes, saris, kameez among other silhouettes. The colour exudes timelessness and serves as a canvas for the detailed palla and capes with moti kaam, intricately woven borders and prints to come through.

The Masaba Bride, starring Kareena Kapoor Khan - in kaali mirch

Kaali Mirch, a spicy take on wedding evening wear, the Kaali Mirch story has regal sarees, anarkalis, bandeau skirts, corset bustier and capes with bold son chidiya and chand phool motifs. Cocktail and sangeet ceremonies will come alive in black, white and beige with this line. corset saree with off shoulder bustier, trail skirt, ombre gowns in ivory and black add the needed kick to wedding festivities,

The Tissue story comprises of sarees made from Tissue, a weave which has been in the closets of Maharani’s and Princesses from the longest times. Coming from Banaras, these tissue sarees in black, gold, peach and green are embellished with trikone motif borders, anar motif borders and peeta kaam. Apart from conventional blouses, the sarees are paired with shirts and kurtas in ‘Patiala Portraits’.

An unconventional colour choice for wedding festivities, Jamun is for the bride who wants to do things her own way while still abiding by traditions. The Kasata lehenga with traditional chattr and shankh motifs, the Nargis gown layered with a trail, gulkand ruffle sari, Sitara kurta in our signature parijat print are only some of the garments in the Jamun range, which embodies the spirit of modern weddings.

The stunning Bebo, Kareena Kapoor Khan in Masaba Gupta bridalwear

Showcased against the vivid backdrop of aged walls in hues of green, pink and red, adorned with golden Masaba motifs in the palm and the iconic son chidiya, old wooden furniture and khats, the campaign whisks you away to the nostalgic feeling of a shaadi ka ghar during the early hours before a wedding. Elements symbolic to the names of the lines in the collections, like sweets, kesar, nimbu mirchi, namak; along with printed mehendi cones, real trees, varmalas, pots, add custom intricately designed Masaba varmalas that can be lasting mementos for years to come.

Kareena Kapoor Khan is the Masaba Bride!

The campaign is shot against a custom soundtrack ‘Raanjhan Aaya’, by Masaba, Akshay & IP, in association with Sony Music Entertainment India. It brings alive the emotion of a shaadi while sprinkling the collection notes in the lyrics beautifully.

The collection will have pieces that will be made to order and few retail at select Masaba Bridal stores across India and also online.

The Masaba Bride, with Kareena Kapoor Khan


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