For A Better World

As the world celebrates World Environment Day today and beyond, we bring you some of the most eco-friendly, “green” products for the home and for yourself, that not only look good, but make you feel good too.

Modular Andes sofa from West Elm

Brooklyn Beauties

Get ready for one of the most exciting launches of the year, with one of the most renowned and luxurious eco-friendly interiors brands in the US, West Elm. West Elm was born in 2002 in Brooklyn, as a branch of the Williams Sonoma Inc. It’s a brand that focuses on bringing together great design, affordability and community. Everything West Elm designs, from sofas to chairs, from vases to rugs, is made with one goal in mind – to help customers express their personal style at home, and in the world. They are in the business of creating ecologically aware, modern homes through upscale furniture, home décor, bedding, rugs, and lighting.They have 85 stores across USA, Canada, Mexico, Korea, UK, Australia and Middle East. And now, they’re in India too!

Coffee table and sofa from West Elm

West Elm uses design to do better – for the earth, communities and the customer. Today, 60 percent of their product sales support at least one of their sustainability initiatives. From their Brooklyn studios, the in-house team designs exclusive collections you won’t find anywhere else; 95 percent of products are designed in-house. They champion the maker movement in the US to help strengthen local economies and boost burgeoning artists and designers, especially in underrepresented areas, with $13.2 million invested in small American-made businesses.

West Elm makes furniture and furnishings that exudes a great personal style

But the story goes beyond US shores, as they collaborate with artisan collectives around the world to help preserve their handcraft traditions and create opportunities for sustainable employment, especially in rural areas. They have $200 million invested in artisan communities and local craftspeople. Grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, organic fibers contribute to healthier ecosystems. Hundred percent of their all-cotton bedding and bath towels are sustainably sourced, including organic. Plus, 2.3 billion liters of water saved in 2019 by sourcing organic cotton. Wherever possible, they are sourcing more FSC® certified, recycled, and upcycled materials (and creating less waste). Fifty-two percent of their wood furniture is sustainably sourced. 66 million plastic bottles are kept from landfill through REPREVE® recycled polyester.Many of their collections are certified to GREENGUARD Gold or STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® standards, tested for harmful chemicals to guarantee safe and healthy quality.

American Eagle jeans with the "Real Good" tag

Good Threads

Denim brand American Eagle offers, high-quality, on-trend clothing and accessories. As a brand which stands for individuality, self-expression, freedom and youth, the same is reflected in their collection as well. As part of American Eagle’s broader sustainability goals, the brand has introduced ‘Real Good’ products. With an aim to be carbon neutral by 2030, the brand is making a commitment to move towards more sustainable raw materials and reducing water and energy usage. Customers can now identify the sustainable items in the collection with the ‘Real Good’ badge. Through this, American Eagle is encouraging people to embrace the idea that one should feel as good about their jeans as they do in their jeans.

Real Good is the brand’s commitment to do better, work harder for the planet. Real Good styles include materials that have been sustainably produced and/or sourced, such as recycled polyester and nylon, as well as cotton that’s recycled, organic, and/or sustainably sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative. Real Good jeans are made in factories that meet expectations which include water reduction and management, wastewater that is less in volume and does not contain restricted or hazardous chemicals and water recycling.

So far, American Eagle has managed to save 1 billion gallons of water per year and reduce the amount of water used per pair of jeans by 14 percent (with a goal of 30 percent). The brand has used the equivalent of 60 million plastic bottles in recycled polyester and in the United States, more than 569,000 pairs of jeans have been donated and turned into home insulation.

When any American Eagle item has the “Real Good” badge, it means that it was made with the planet in mind, with a goal in mind, and with a promise to you that American Eagle will continue to do better.

BIG BOLD BIOCERAMIC collection from Swatch

Big and Bold

Swatch presents its latest innovation: Bioceramic collection only after a few months of their Bio-reloaded launch that was made and extracted from the seeds of the castor plant. The year 2020 marked first time a watchmaker has succeeded in replacing all conventional materials by bio-sourced materials in a series of production environment.

This year- Swatch Next comes with a new and unique mix of Two-thirds ceramic, one-third bio-sourced plastic in the Big Bold Collection. Bioceramic is more than ceramic, offering more resistance and a soft touch at the same time. The 47 mm diameter see-through case, deep and architecturally structured, provides plenty of room to appreciate the pure and refined Bioceramic characteristics to the fullest, while the bracelet, glass and loops are all made from bio-sourced plastic. Bioceramic marks yet another benchmark in the brand’s innovation journey. By the end of 2021, all key Swatch product lines will further explore the use of Bioceramic.

Besides this, Swatch also has a new biodegradable packaging made of paperfoam- a mix of industrial starch, natural fibres, water and premix. This environmentally friendly packaging is bio-base, home compostable or recyclable with paper, produced with low-carbon emissions and in an energy efficient way, and it provides a responsible and eco-friendly solution for manufacturers and consumers. Price: INR 9,605 for the Big Bold Bioceramic Collection.

Biotique Bio Kelp Protein Shampoo for Falling Hair Intensive Hair Regrowth Treatment- INR 209

Kelp Help

This nourishing Biotique Bio Kelp Protein Shampoo For Falling Hair Intensive Hair Regrowth Treatment is a blend of pure kelp, natural proteins, peppermint oil and mint leaf extract. It gently cleanses the hair and refreshes the scalp for a healthier shine. INR 209. Available at Amazon Beauty.

Biotique Natural Makeup Diva Glam Highlighter Duo Stick - INR 311

A Diva’s Glow

This glam highlighter duo stick, Biotique Natural Makeup Diva Glam Highlighter Dup Stick adds a subtle glow to your cheeks while also protecting them against UV light and pollution. It is a 100% organic, paraben-free, cruelty-free product is suitable for all skin types. Price: INR 311. Available at Amazon Beauty.

Birkenstock Gizeh Earthy Veg Light Rose, INR 5,490

Walk like a Vegan

German footwear major Birkenstock brings together design and comfort with their vegan collection as an ode to World Environment Day, to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Choosing vegan fashion makes sense for animal welfare and environmental reasons. And there are plenty of ways you can ensure that your wardrobe benefits both animals and the planet. Birkenstock’s vegan footwear is curated using skin-friendly materials that boast fine textures and colours, so much so that it can be mistaken for real leather. Our collection is entirely free of animal products, as verified by independent testing laboratories. Materials used: Natural cork-latex for the footbed, synthetic Birkoflor materials for uppers, soft microfiber footbed linings. The model shown here, the Birkenstock Gizeh Earthy Veg Light Rose, is priced at INR 5,490.

Ikai Asai Longpi Pottery from Manipur

Creative Pottery

Ikai Asai is a homegrown, homeware brand founded by Ananya Birla, created in collaboration with artisans, artists, and designers from India. The last few months took the brand to Meghalaya and Manipur, for a discourse in pottery with the Clay Pottery communities of Meghalaya, and the Manipuri art of Longpi. The result was a collection of hand made Ikai Asai table décor and table ware that draws from the earth in organix, elemental and textural forms that are hand crafted individually and sustainably.

Cinnamon Soul Citrus Breeze Luxurious Body Oil INR 1,250

The Soul of the Matter

Celebrate the environment by changing your beauty regime for the betterment of the world. Switch your skincare regime to clean and green beauty products and treat yourself with a range of purest, kindest, and paraben-free daily skincare products from Cinnamon Soul. The brand offers products like handcrafted luxury soaps, after shower body oil for men and women i.e. nourishing and formulated with calming oils and rich shea butter soap bars, that are hydrating and helps in locking in the moisture into your skin. It also offers a range of grooming essentials suitable for men and women. Every ingredient is consciously and locally sourced and made with natural botanicals, mineral-rich clays, plant-based oils, creamy butter, and therapeutic grade essential oils. Price: INR 750 onwards.

Draenert Twist table available at Plusch

In a Twist

For over 50 years, Draenert has been designing and producing the most demanding pieces of furniture at its manufacturing unit in Immenstaad, on Lake Constance, in Germany. The brand is renowned for its impressive and extensive range of dining tables, coffee and side tables which are crafted from natural stones (there are 200 stones to choose from), wood, glass and metal; all featuring their patented extension mechanisms. Twist, a stylish coffee table forms a part of this ensemble – and is the latest offering from Plüsch for their customers in India. Twist, created by designer Prof Wulf Schneider is a distinctive coffee table made entirely in glass – the base comprises three cones, with a slightly curved table top connecting the three cones. This coffee or lounge table is excellently suitable for grouping arrangements because of its adaptable shape. The unexpected twist becomes clear in the swings (or curves) of the outside lines (contours) and the intermediate spaces. Twist is available in three versions: clear white glass, with mirror effect optics or grey coloured glass. The glass cones in Twist are pipe-blown by hand. And as glass making is a high grade manual work, no table can be identical to the other.

Furniture from Studio Inhabit

Studio Chic

With her keen anti-minimal and passionately original approach to design, Neeta Kumar, furniture and interior designer, and founder of Inhabit, has charted her own unique path in the interior decor world. She has just launched an exquisite collection of furniture pieces – Studio. Made with luxurious materials and exhibiting innovative design, every piece is meticulously crafted. The Studio Collection comprises a range of living room furniture, showcasing the brand’s trademark high quality carpentry and upholstery. It features bold furniture pieces such as the Ralph series in Italian leather, which is Kiln dried and has a walnut wood polish. Termite treated reclaimed teakwood has been used as well. The Studio furniture pieces exhibit an earthy colour palette and are crafted from high-end materials. The series has an exquisite design aesthetic, while still being functional. These timeless pieces are perfect for the festive season as well and embody more of a spirit than a particular design style. This furniture range is effortlessly magnificent and is a testament to Inhabit’s focus on crafting furniture in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Deconstructed range from Inhabit

Neeta Kumar has also launched a series of bespoke furniture pieces – Deconstructed. Crafted with reclaimed teak wood and exhibiting a deconstructed design aesthetic, every piece is meticulously created. As the name suggests, the Deconstructed collection is an exquisite range of rustic furniture for modern homes. It features bold furniture made with reclaimed teak wood and natural burlap, which adds a dash of edginess to the pieces. The timeless pieces have sleek silhouettes and earthy tones, showcasing the brand’s trademark high quality carpentry and upholstery. This furniture range is effortlessly magnificent and is a testament to Inhabit’s focus on crafting furniture in an environmentally sustainable manner. The striking Deconstructed collection comprises statement chairs, a sofa set, a dining table, accent tables, cabinets and coffee tables. The furniture pieces are a celebration of wood and exhibit one-of-a-kind forms and flawless workmanship. The Deconstructed range is perfect for trendsetters that are conscious of their impact on the environment.

Dermafique Bio Cellulose Charcoal Masque

Masque Task

Make a better choice for the environment and ourselves with Bio-Degradable Masques. ITC Dermafique’s Bio Cellulose Masques are made of all-natural fiber that contains good bacteria which converts glucose into nutrients that are superfoods for your skin. They are environment friendly since they are 100 percent biodegradable. That further makes it a skincare regime with a conscience. Made made with Bio cellulose fibers that are derived from 100 percent Natural Coconut water through Patented Technology. This Dermafique Bio Cellulose Charcoal Masque helps reduce the debilitating effects of pollution and makes the skin look cleaner. It is enriched with ingredients like honey, Chamomile flower, and green tea extracts. Price: INR 299 (one mask). Available at Nykaa and Amazon.

L'Occitane en Provence Eco Refills

Refills to the Rescue

Observing nature as a role model, L’Occitane uses the natural properties of plants as inspiration to drive innovation. The brand aims to limit its environmental impact at every stage of the product lifecycle, from formulation to distribution in-store. L’Occitane eco-refills are made with clever design, easy to pour and therefore replenish your favourite product. Thanks to the Eco-Refills, we save up to 80% of the plastic used for the original product. Almond Shower Oil Eco-Refill 500ml: This shower oil transforms, when in contact with water, into a delicate foam that gently cleanses the body. Enriched with almond oil, it respects the hydrolipidic film and leaves a subtle and mouth-watering scent of fresh almond, for a delightful skin! (Price: INR 2,800). Shea Butter Shower Oil Eco-Refill 500ml: Cleanse your hands gently with this soap enriched with nourishing shea butter! Magically transforms into a milky cleansing lotion upon contact with water. Lightweight and non-greasy. For a more foamy lather, we recommend using this shower oil with a loofah. (Price: INR 2,900). Verbena Shower Gel Eco-Refill 500ml: Made with 65 percent to 90 percent less plastic than a regular bottle, eco-refills will give a second life to your bottles and eliminate unnecessary packaging. Enriched with organic verbena extract from Provence, this shower gel gently cleanses, leaving the body delicately scented with a fresh citrus fragrance. (Price: INR 2,650). Volume & Strength Shampoo Eco-Refill 500ml: Silicone-free shampoo strengthens and thickens hair. It can be operated deep into the hair fiber layer, which increases the thickness, making the hair look more volumey. It provides a fragrant experience and increased efficiency of five essential oils: rosemary (from Provence), Lemon, Juniper, Kradang-nga and Sedut Natural. (Price: INR 2,350).

House of Rugs carpet

Snug as a Rug

House of Rugs, well-known for their handcrafted luxury carpets and rugs present a range of exquisite, hand tufted carpets. This striking range comprises carpets that feature awe-inspiring floral forms, which enhance the interiors of any space.

Each carpet is a testimony to House of Rugs’ unchanging quality and timeless designs. This distinctive series of carpets and rugs is all you need to add that touch of warmth to your everyday surroundings. The brand’s rugs are a result of meticulous craftsmanship and time-honoured hand-weaving techniques honed over hundreds of years. These are not mere carpets, but storied legacies passed down through generations. Each hand-made carpet is unique – no two pieces can be exactly the same, owing to the human touch, which is bound to vary. It is this exclusivity and beauty of their imperfections that make them all the more charming.

Founded by Aishwarya Gupta, House of Rugs is particular about preserving the ancient techniques of handwoven carpets, and constantly experiments with a new design ethos to cater to the evolving needs of their discerning customers. Responsible trading and sustainability are built into the DNA of the organization. Their hand-woven and hand-made products support the skilled artisan community that has been with us for decades. House of Rugs is committed to the welfare of its craftspeople, and promotion of their children’s education, through various programmes.

Forest Essentials Tinted Lip Serum- INR 1,295

Hint of Tint

The Forest Essentials Tinted Lip Serum - Anar Rasa is a slim, sheer tinted lip moisturizer delicately coloured with a ruby red tint. It is enriched with fresh pomegranate juice, pure Cow’s Ghee and emollient healing butters to condition the delicate skin of lips and protect them from moisture loss. Price: INR 1,295. Available on Amazon Beauty.

Emporio Armani eyewear

Eye Spy

Giorgio Armani, ever attentive to the issue of environmental responsibility, continues to pursue the brand’s responsible approach with Emporio Armani Eyewear, presenting in 2021 a selection of eyewear made in eco-friendly materials. The focus on sustainability takes shape through a series of coordinated responsible actions: from product design and construction, to the use of recycled materials, and continued communications aligned to initiatives planned throughout the upcoming year.

Forest Essentials Soundarya Radiance Cream 50g INR 4,800

Auric Glow

Ayurveda speaks of flawless skin as lustrous, smooth, firm and elastic, with a golden sheen. The Forest Essentials Soundarya Radiance Cream With 24 k Gold and SPF 25 is an exceptionally rich yet light textured face cream that incorporates a combination of precious herbs and real 24 k Gold, which helps to restore the firmness of the skin, giving it a natural facelift. This face moisturizer comes with SPF 25 that helps neutralize UVA and UVB radiation and protects the skin from sun damage, environmental stressors and pollution.

As much as possible, Forest Essentials sources their ingredients from local farmers who use environmentally sound farming practices and also have an organic farm in their factory at Lodsi, where they grow high quality plants and herbs. The brand is constantly looking at ways to reduce their carbon footprint by focusing on using renewable plant sources in their products.

In September 2020, in order to make more sustainable choices and take on their responsibilities as a brand, they revamped their entire packaging and now use only recyclable PET and glass in their new packaging. Even their stock deliveries across stores in India, have seen elimination of the shrink wrapping film. At the store level, they are moving towards providing more sustainable choices to the customers by introducing canvas cloth carry bags, which are recyclable and reusable.

They have also set up a collection facility in each of their stores across the country, where you can drop off your Forest Essentials empties (jars and bottles of both earlier and new packaging). Price: INR 4,800.

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum, INR 1,560

Tea Treat

The Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum – typifying the latest skincare from Korea – delivers hydration with a balanced blend of Jeju green tea extract and green tea seed oil for sufficiently hydrated skin and a healthy looking glow at all times. Price: INR 1,560. Available on Amazon Beauty. Iced Out collection from Anastasia Beverly Hills - Brow Freeze, Highlighter, Lip Gloss

Ice Cool

The two decades old cult brow and makeup brand – Anastasia Beverly Hills is a cruelty free brand and is committed to 100 percent cruelty-free product formulation, testing and development, meaning no product is manufactured at the expense of animal testing. ABH has also invested in providing the best vegan makeup across the categories. Their vegan makeup products are labelled with a ‘Vegan’ tag on the product’s packaging. They have recently launched their Biggest summer collection called ‘ICED-OUT’ in India which is completely vegan and cruelty free, featuring Brow Freeze, Highlighter, and Lip Gloss. The collection is introduced to achieve perfect feathered brows with Ice strobing radiant and uplifted look in summers: Brow Freeze: A radical, easy-to-use clear wax formula that lifts, tames and sculpts every hair in place with extreme-hold. Price: INR 2,800.

Iced Out Highlighter: This is an all-skin tone flattering highlighter with the perfect combination of smooth finish and ultra-beam effects for a lit-from-within radiance. Price: INR 3,800. Crystal Gloss: One swipe-to-shine everyday wear lip gloss! Anastasia Beverly Hills Crystal Gloss redefines shine, delivering a glass-like finish that makes your lips appear instantly fuller and smoother. Price: INR 2,200. Available on and Sephora

Kama Ayurveda Rejuvenating and Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream, INR 2,594

Rise and Shine

A special blend of precious ingredients, the Kama Ayurveda Rejuvenating and Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream, helps in illuminating the skin and promotes cell growth during night-time. Blended with the finest saffron to brighten the skin, it also aids in reducing dark circles and pigmentation, catering as the perfect treatment for a youthful and radiant skin. Price: INR 2,594. Available on Amazon Beauty.

Lotus Make-Up Ecostay Intensive Serum Foundation, Ivory, INR 725

Soothing Serum

This Lotus Make-Up Ecostay Intensive Serum Foundation (Ivory) is a weightless and ultra-fluid, along with a nourishing, age-defying formula. The Bulgarian rose extract infused formula penetrates to the deepest layer of the skin to hydrate and nourish, while the Vitamin E extract provides anti-ageing benefits to the skin. Price: INR 725. Available on Amazon Beauty.

Neem Comb by Tribal Concepts

Tried and Tested

Kickstart a sustainable lifestyle with The Tribe Concepts Zero Waste Tools, such as this Neem Comb, that believes in organic powdered formulations derived from the best sustainable ingredients with roots of Ayurveda. Formulating in the right combinations is key to their performing products. They strongly believe pure organic extracts of plants and roots can serve as effective natural alternatives to skin and hair care. They use sustainable packaging for their products in reusable steel Indian tins to do their bit for the environment. Built on the foundation pillars of potent Indian Ingredients, Sustainability, and Native Tribal practices - they have launched a new range of zero waste tools to bring ancient wisdom to the modern world.

Numero Uno One Glass Water Denims Denims from Numero Uno, INR 1,899-2,499

One Glass Jeans

Numero Uno, one of India’s first indigenously manufactured denim labels forayed into sustainability with the launch of ‘One glass water denims’ collection. Traditionally a pair of jeans requires 70 liters of water to complete the washing and finishing process but at Numero Uno through its new sustainable process and improvised technology, they have managed to reduce the water and chemical consumption drastically by using ‘1 glass of water to create 1 pair of jeans’.

Sustainability has been Numero Uno’s radar since many years and as a responsible brand they been investing towards this initiative in terms of installing and using Laser machines to replace sand blasting much earlier in the day, for the benefit of workers as well as environment. Further they have employed G2 / Ozone process, ECO wash / Nano bubble tech in order to reduce the consumption of water, & of harmful chemicals. The laundry has ETP plant as well as zero discharge technology wherein the entire water discharged is recycled and reused after getting treated ensuring minimal or no harm to the ecosystem. The design team works closely with the wash technologists Jeanologia to create collections that have reduced impact on the environment besides being fashionable and hence more desirable to the customers. The brand is further consciously switching to using more and more blended fabrics (instead of 100 percent cotton), using fabrics made from recycled and post-consumer waste yarns, along with Tencel and hemp blends, as a step towards conserving the environment. Price: 1,899 onwards. Available on and - Numero Uno stores, Amazon, Myntra, and other fashion portals.

Perenne Cosmetics serums

Pretty and Pure

When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves. As the world battles a pandemic, we are bestowed with a grim and bitter reality every day. While we huddle up to protect ourselves, let's not forget the environment, the one force housing us all. It is extremely important to maintain mental semblance by sticking to the little things and routines that give one a sense of happiness, hope and comfort. Let's ensure the products that make us beautiful do not harm the environment. Often, resources used in beauty products are non-degradable and retain their compound nature even after use. The waste then finds its way into the marine environment: this is where products are consumed by aquatic life. The waste generation also leads to clogged sewage, deforestation, massive animal life loss and depletion of coral reefs. Perenne Cosmetics provides solutions amidst its products. A clean and natural brand at its core, Perenne is made of products that are both safe and effective in making the consumer look and feel beautiful. With an aim to provide a clean skincare range of products that reconnects people to nature; the brand ensures that all their products are natural and consist of only the purest, eco-friendly, and non-toxic ingredients. Perenne also uses PET and PP plastics which are the most recyclable plastics in the world. Perenne uses contemporary botanical actives to provide the skin with essential oils and nutrients needed without providing any kind of harm to the environment. Using no animal derivatives results in no hunting of animal life. The brand does not use any artificial colours, the chemical composition of which take hundreds of years to break down. The brand is parabens free: chemicals which can cause hormone imbalance and increase risks of cancer. Perenne is also non-comedogenic and silicone free - a non biodegradable ingredient that piles up in landfills.

SkinKraft moisturizer

Great Skin is In!

SkinKraft is India’s AI-driven dermatologically approved, customized personal care brand providing skin and hair care products for its consumers. Conceptualized in 2017, SkinKraft was born to break the notion of one size fits all. Backed by the breakthrough SkinID profiling system and dermatologically validated ingredients, the company strives to provide the best care for all skin types. A collaborative effort from a team of expert Dermato-Cosmetologists, Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Engineers, has led to the creation of SkinKraft products. SkinKraft aims to be the go-to destination for everyone for their personal care needs, with the belief that customization is going to be really big with one in three people opting for it in the next five years. Technology in skincare has made massive developments in the industry so far. The brand is paraben free, animal cruelty free, and is a clean beauty brand. Shown here is SkinKraft’s Barrier Rejuvenating Lotion (moisturizer). Available on

The Body Shop Skin Defence Multi-Protection Lotion SPF 50+ PA++++- INR 1,996

Fun in the Sun

The Body Shop Skin Defence Multi-Protection Lotion is a combination of high SPF 50+ PA++++, 24-hour moisturization and anti-pollution protection, from one of the world’s first cosmetics and skincare companies to go 100 percent cruelty free. Fast absorbing and non-greasy, this new multitasker has an improved matrix of UV filters. It helps protect the future of skin and prevents premature ageing. The goodness of red algae extracts and vitamin C present in the formula helps the skin look brighter and healthier than before. Price INR 1,996. Available on Amazon Beauty.

United Colors of Benetton SS 21 PLEATED SKIRT WITH PRINT. INR 11,000

Green Wave

Get Consciously Fashionable with Benetton with this collection specially curated with consideration for the people who wear it and the environment that surrounds us. The clothing uses materials that are natural, recycled, regenerated, or certified by global authorities in the sustainability field.

United Colors of Benetton SS 21 BLACK AND BEIGE STRIPED BLAZER. INR 4,000

While the world of fashion has been a lot about creating trends, Benetton believes that sustainability is the one trend that will never go out of style. Since its inception in 1965, United Colors of Benetton’s vision has always been beyond offering trendy clothes; and more about its people and the environment.


Known for being a conscious brand with a strong legacy in promoting sustainable and slow fashion, Benetton’s collections employ 80 percent natural fibres, where some of the items are made out of recycled and regenerated materials, with an aim to use only sustainable cotton by 2025.


Since 2017, the Benetton Group has also been a member of the BCI (Better Cotton Initiative), the world’s largest program dedicated to the sustainability of cotton. Following the guidelines of the program, Benetton has been sourcing cotton grown and harvested by farmers who have been trained to minimize the use of fertilizers and pesticides, use water and soil in a sustainable way and promote principles of fairness in labour relations. All the recycled cotton pieces contain at least 20 percent of recycled cotton coming from certified supply chain components. Benetton also procures organic cotton from certified supply chains, which are controlled by independent bodies that trace the entire manufacturing process, from the plant to the packaging of the finished garment, from the collection of cotton to the production of the thread and fabric. Pure, biodegradable and Woolmark certified, United Colors of Benetton wool is an ambassador of Italian knitwear around the world. The wadding found inside United Colors of Benetton garments is made of recycled polyester and comes exclusively from certified supply chains. In particular, it is obtained by recycling common plastic food bottles (PET). A selection of items from the United Colors of Benetton Beachwear Collection is made of ECONYL®, a 100 percent regenerated nylon fiber made from waste and production scraps. ECONYL® maintains the same characteristics and performance as nylon, and it is infinitely recyclable. The use if linen, an ancient plant fiber that is naturally sustainable, further makes the linen items sustainable. Viscose used by Benetton, even in its modal and lyocell variants, is particularly sustainable.

United Colors of Benetton SS 21, COTTON FIVE-POCKET JEANS. INR 5,000

Beyond its sustainable production and manufacturing processes, Benetton also ensures that every purchase is handed over in an eco-friendly paper shopping bag, processed using only water-based ink and from an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper mill, to make the entire conscious shopping experience a holistic one. Price: INR 1,700 -11,000. Available in stores all across India.

Earth 1.0 collection of T-shirts by XYXX

Back to Basics

Premium men’s loungewear brand XYXX, goes back to basics with a line of T-shirts that takes a giant leap towards sustainable and conscious living. Earth 1.0, an all-new elevated basics line, is tailored for the conscious yet chic man, who not only wears what looks good, but also does good. A conscious and eco-friendly label, XYXX is known to produce high-quality and high-performance garments, while remaining mindful of their impact on the planet. Previously, the brand has employed bamboo cotton, combed cotton and micro modal to craft their one-of-a-kind offering in the men’s loungewear segment. With Earth 1.0, the brand enhances their commitment to the environment and becomes increasingly sustainable by crafting a line of basic T-shirts from GOTS-certified Organic Cotton. Organic Cotton is produced with alternative mechanisms, thereby reducing water consumption by up to 84 percent. Further, by eliminating the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides and GMO seeds, Organic Cotton maintains soil fertility and contributes towards building biologically diverse agriculture. In addition to Earth 1.0 being environment-friendly, XYXX has also ensured the entire supply chain to be socially conscious through actively supporting fair trade practices and being 100 percent carbon neutral.

Earth 1.0 T-shirt from XYXX

Earth 1.0 plays with the classic crew neck T-shirt and gives it a fresh and sustainable upgrade. The no-frill simplicity of Earth 1.0 is enhanced by the fabric’s subtle and natural texture, high breathability and tailored fit that allows it to move effortlessly from AM to PM. The fine-ribbed, lie flat neckline is crafted to never lose shape, and promote slow living through superlative design sensibilities. Natural anti-allergenic properties make it gentle on skin and the invisible seam stitch detailing lends a timeless appeal. Price: INR 599 onwards. Available on


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