La Dolce Vita – a New Story Begins

A new chapter has begun for Ferrari. We take a look at the Ferrari Roma Spider launched earlier this year – so retro, so cool, so elegant.

The Ferrari Roma Spider

The Ferrari Roma Spider, the latest model from the Maranello marque, was presented earlier this year at the El Badi Palace in Marrakesh. This timelessly elegant, high-performance car is a contemporary take on the chic, pleasure-seeking Italian lifestyle of the 1950s and 60s – and we are just here to admire its beautiful lines and powerful engine.

This convertible iteration of the successful V8 2+ concept introduces a soft top, a feature making a noteworthy return to Ferrari's front-engined cars after 54 years.

Deploying in just 13.5 seconds at speeds up to 60 km/h, the soft top not only enhances the car's aesthetic appeal but also contributes to a more extensive boot space, showcasing thoughtful design. The introduction of a patented wind deflector seamlessly integrates comfort without compromising the car's spatial efficiency. Retaining the Ferrari Roma's dynamic characteristics, the Spider boasts a remarkable weight/power ratio, an all-aluminium chassis, and a potent 620 cv V8 engine that has been celebrated as the ‘International Engine of the Year’.

The soft top of the Ferrari Roma Spider, an elegant coupe

The Ferrari Roma Spider effortlessly combines ease of driving with responsiveness, positioning itself as an ideal companion for diverse journeys. Beyond its striking aesthetics, the convertible offers practical features such as a category-leading boot size, wireless connectivity, and 18-way-adjustable heated seats. Crafted by the Ferrari Styling Centre, the exterior exhibits clean lines, emphasizing the car's aerodynamic efficiency.

The sporty interiors of the Ferrari Roma Spider

Inside, the cabin follows the dual cockpit concept, creating a symmetrical layout with sculptural volumes and advanced technology, including an 8.4" central display. The powertrain, housing the acclaimed V8 turbo engine, ensures rapid response and efficient torque delivery through Variable Boost Management.

Aerodynamics play a pivotal role in the Ferrari Roma Spider's design, featuring an adaptive spoiler and vortex generators that optimize downforce. The vehicle dynamics incorporate the Side Slip Control system for precise handling, and the chassis, derived from the Ferrari Roma, guarantees exceptional rigidity with minimal weight increase.

To underscore Ferrari's commitment to quality and client service, the Roma Spider comes with a seven-year maintenance program covering regular maintenance and original spares. The Genuine Maintenance program, available globally, ensures peak performance and excellence for Ferrari owners.

In essence, the Ferrari Roma Spider combines timeless elegance with cutting-edge performance, embodying the spirit of the Italian Dolce Vita in a contemporary and exhilarating package.



  • Type     V8 – 90° – twin turbo

  • Total displacement     3855 cc

  • Bore and stroke      86.5 mm x 82 mm

  • Max. power output*     456 kW (620 cv) at 5750–7500 rpm

  • Max. torque      760 Nm at 3000-5750 rpm

  • Max. revs     7500 rpm

  • Compression ratio      9.45:1

  • Specific power output     161 cv/l


  • Length     4656 mm

  • Width      1974 mm

  • Height     1306 mm

  • Wheelbase      2670 mm

  • Front track     1652 mm

  • Rear track     1679 mm

  • Dry weight**     1556 kg

  • Dry weight/power ratio     2.5 kg/cv

  • Weight distribution      48% ant. / 52% post.

  • Fuel tank capacity     80 l

  • Boot capacity     255 l


  • Front      245/35 ZR 20 J8.0

  • Rear     285/35 ZR 20 J10.0


  • Front     390 x 34 mm

  • Rear      360 x 32 mm


8-speed F1 DCT


EPS, VDC, ABS with EBD, F1-TCS, E-Diff3, SSC 6.0, FDE, SCM-E Frs


  • Max. Speed      > 320 km/h

  • 0-100 km/h     3.4 s

  • 0-200 km/h     9.7 s

  • 100-0 km/h      32 m

  • 200-0 km/h     130 m


Under homologation


Under homologation

* With 98 RON fuel

** With optional lightweight content


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