A Powerful Spider in Portofino

The Maranello-based luxury carmaker unveils online today the latest evolution of the Prancing Horse GT 2+ Spider – the Ferrari Portofino M – which bursts with power, technical innovations, and stylistic tweaks that put the pleasure of en plein air driving back in the driver’s seat.

Nothing can stop a Ferrari. Out roars a restyled and updated version of the Ferrari Portofino, by the Maranello-based luxury automaker, its first launch – albeit online – since the pandemic forced the closure of its factory. The Ferrari Portofino M, a newer, more powerful version of its bestselling Portofino gran tourer was unveiled today, in a move unprecedented in the Maranello marque’s 70-year-plus history, with a premiere that took place entirely online.

Significantly, the Portofino M as the first Ferrari to be presented in the wake of the company’s temporary closure due to the Covid-19 crisis, becomes the symbol of a voyage of rediscovery. In the new Portofino M, the ‘M’ in its moniker stands for ‘Modificata’, which in Ferrari nomenclature refers to cars that have undergone an evolution that has boosted their performance.

Lifestyle Insider The Ferrari Portofino M has an optimized and powerful V8 engine

There is no shortage of technical innovations in this stunning new evolution of the Ferrari Portofino, the most notable being its redesigned powertrain, a brand-new eight-speed gearbox and a five-position Manettino that includes a Race mode, an absolute first for a Maranello GT spider. As a consequence of these and many other new features, the Portofino M guarantees a completely unprecedented combination of authentic GT performance, driving pleasure, agility, and exceptional versatility in everyday driving contexts.

In terms of its powertrain, the Portofino M’s 3855 cc engine, which belongs to the V8 turbo family voted “International Engine of the Year” on four consecutive occasions, has been optimized to unleash 620 cv at 7,500 rpm – 20 cv more than the Ferrari Portofino. It also boasts a completely redesigned eight-speed gearbox that replaces the previous seven-speed version. This is, in fact, the first eight-speed to be installed on an open-top Ferrari and is based on a dual-clutch oil bath architecture with a 20% smaller clutch module and 35% higher torque delivery.

Lifestyle Insider The new Ferrari Portofino M has a redesigned look, with aggressive bumpers

From a vehicle dynamics perspective, the most significant innovation is the introduction of the five-position Manettino, an absolute first for a Prancing Horse GT spider. The aim being, of course, to further enhance the Ferrari Portofino’s already superb handling and traction through the addition of the Race mode. Supported by the Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer, said Race mode focuses mainly on maximizing driving pleasure and fun behind the wheel.

The technological evolution the model has undergone is visually underscored by the new design of the front of the car and the bumpers in particular, which are sportier and more aggressive. Both inside and out, there is a sense of harmony of expression and intent in forms that are sometimes sharper and then softer and more flowing.

Lifestyle Insider Inside the new Ferrari Portofino M comfort is key with ventilated or heated seats. With the top off, it becomes the ultimate spider

This latest design and engineering masterpiece from the Prancing Horse is the perfect evolution of the Ferrari Portofino. Sportier in character than its predecessor, it also delivers superior handling whilst not only maintaining but enhancing on-board comfort, courtesy of specific new optional features, such as ADAS, and ventilated and heated seats. The Ferrari Portofino M thus retains its predecessor’s twin soul and is the only car on the market that can rightfully be described as an authentic coupé with its top closed and a genuine spider when it is open. This is thanks, of course, to the Retractable Hard Top (RHT), the signature feature of all the Prancing Horse’s convertibles.

The Portofino M’s compact dimensions also make it ideal for all occasions. In fact, its unparalleled versatility and on-board comfort turn every trip into a voyage of (re)discovery.

Ferrari Portofino M
Technical Specifications


TypeV8 - 90° turbo
Total displacement3855 cc
Bore and stroke86.5 mm x 82 mm
Max. power output*456 kW (620 CV) at 5750 - 7500 rpm
Max. torque760 Nm at 3000 ÷ 5750 rpm



Length4594 mm
Width1938 mm (2020 mm with wing mirrors)
Height1318 mm
Wheelbase2670 mm
Dry weight**1545 kg



Max. speed> 320 km/h
0-100 km/h3.45 s
0-200 km/h9.8 s


Under homologation

* With 98 RON petrol
**With lightweight optional content


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