Mission: Earth

This Earth Day, international brands have proved just how sustainable and eco-friendly they are. From using innovative, recycled materials, to ensuring less stress on resources and the atmosphere, these brands have come up with newer ways to be more environmentally responsible, and the results are there to see, from fashionable totes, to sneakers, eyewear, watches, and those quintessential must-haves – denims.

EMPORIO_ARMANI EYEWEAR SS21 Sunglasses for women - model EA4162

Stylish and Sustainable

Giorgio Armani, ever attentive to the issue of environmental responsibility, continues to pursue the brand’s responsible approach with Emporio Armani Eyewear, presenting in 2021 a selection of eyewear made in eco-friendly materials. The brand has taken a series of coordinated responsible actions to be sustainable: from product design and construction, to the use of recycled materials, and continued communications aligned to initiatives planned throughout the upcoming year.

The ADV campaign, shot in Milan, attained EMA Gold Seal Green certification from the Environment Media Association. A sustainable agenda set early in the shoot phase ensured considerable savings were made in resources and a consequent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Those remaining were then offset by supporting Agrocortex, a REDD+ off-setting project aimed at preserving biodiversity and combating climate change.

The collection’s display materials and connected packaging are equally designed with minimal impact in mind. In fact, they are produced with 100 percent recyclable FSC paper and cardboard. The product packaging has also been addressed and is made from materials such as recycled polyester. No part of the process has been left untouched.

Emporio Armani EA 4163 sunglasses

These EA 4163 - Square sunglasses shown have frames made from transparent bio- acetate, a material that partially derives from natural and sustainable sources, with partially bio-based lenses. Available in transparent green with brown lenses or in glossy black with crystal temples and smoke grey gradient lenses. Emporio Armani logo on the temples.

Emporio Armani EA 4162 sunglasses

These large, feminine cat-eye sunglasses (EA 4162) are made from bio-acetate, a material mainly deriving from natural elements, and form part of the collection’s sustainable selection. The model is available in glossy black and in a new green version with streaks. The tone-on-tone gradient lenses are also made from a material partially deriving from renewable sources. The temples bear the Emporio Armani logo.

Emporio Armani eyewear EA 3179 in transparent green

This pair of EA 3179 - Optical glasses with rectangular lenses and minimalist frames, are made from bio-acetate deriving mainly from renewable sources. Available in transparent green or in glossy black with transparent grey temples, they sport a white Emporio Armani logo on the temples.

BIRKENSTOCK Gizeh Grooved White VEG - INR 5,490

Sole to Soul

German footwear major Birkenstock brings together design and comfort with their vegan collection as an ode to International Earth Day, to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

BIRKENSTOCK Arizona Earthy VEG Light Rose - INR 5,490

Choosing vegan fashion makes sense for animal welfare and environmental reasons. And there are plenty of ways you can ensure that your wardrobe benefits both animals and the planet.

BIRKENSTOCK Mayari Earthy Vegan Black - INR 5,490

Birkenstock’s vegan footwear is curated using skin-friendly materials that boast fine textures and colours, so much so that it can be mistaken for real leather. Our collection is entirely free of animal products, as verified by independent testing laboratories. Materials used include natural cork-latex for the footbed, synthetic Birkoflor materials for uppers, soft microfiber footbed linings. Price: INR 4,490 onwards. Available on www.birkenstock.in and across brand’s retail stores pan-India.

American Eagle's REAL GOOD badge on jeans - means it's made with eco-friendly methods

Real Good Values

American Eagle, the denim brand offers, high-quality, on-trend clothing and accessories. As a brand which stands for individuality, self-expression, freedom and youth, the same is reflected in their collection as well. As part of American Eagle’s broader sustainability goals, the brand has introduced ‘Real Good’ products. With an aim to be carbon neutral by 2030, the brand is making a commitment to move towards more sustainable raw materials and reducing water and energy usage. Customers can now identify the sustainable items in the collection with the ‘Real Good’ badge. Through this, American Eagle is encouraging people to embrace the idea that one should feel as good about their jeans as they do in their jeans.

American Eagle Women’s Denims Curvy - INR 3,439

Real Good is the brand’s commitment to do better, work harder for the planet. Real Good styles include materials that have been sustainably produced and/or sourced, such as recycled polyester and nylon, as well as cotton that’s recycled, organic, and/or sustainably sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative. Real Good jeans are made in factories that meet expectations which include water reduction and management, wastewater that is less in volume and does not contain restricted or hazardous chemicals and water recycling.

American Eagle's REAL GOOD branding means that these jeans are sustainably sourced

So far, American Eagle has managed to save 1 billion gallons of water per year and reduce the amount of water used per pair of jeans by 14 percent (with a goal of 30 percent). The brand has used the equivalent of 60 million plastic bottles in recycled polyester and in the United States, more than 569,000 pairs of jeans have been donated and turned into home insulation.

American Eagle jeans

When any American Eagle item has the “Real Good” badge, it means that it was made with the planet in mind, with a goal in mind, and with a promise to you that American Eagle will continue to do better. Price: INR 1500 onwards (Men); INR 1000 onwards (Women).

Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo

Haircare that Cares

The Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo, is a versatile product suitable for all hair types, with no water needed, saving you time between shampoos. When you use Shampure™ Dry Shampoo, not only do you extend your style you also save water and energy with every wash you eliminate, adding to brand sustainability efforts to conserve the ecosystem. Price: INR 2,350/- and is available at Sephora and Nykaa luxe stores across India and online.

Earth Day Polo Campaign Summer 2021

Shout for the Earth in this Shirt

Ralph Lauren recognizes that its products have an impact on the environment – their responsibility it to minimize their footprint by making sustainability a core part of how they do business. As a reimagination of the classic Polo Shirt, the Earth Polo by Ralph Lauren is crafted from thread derived entirely from recycled plastic bottles and dyed in an innovative process that uses zero water.

Stuart Green Earth Polo Polo Ralph Lauren INR 12,500 Sapphire Star Earth Polo Polo Ralph Lauren INR 12,500

Each is made from an average of 12 plastic bottles and marked the start of our commitment to divert 170 million plastic bottles from landfills and oceans by 2025 – bottles that will be converted into high-quality thread. With high quality craftsmanship and a soft touch feel, The Earth Polo is available in colours of the Earth. Price: On request. Available at www.thecollective.in

Papier Mache Decor Accessories by Ikai Asai Papier Mache Decor Accessories - Ikai Asai

Consciously Decorative

Ikai Asai is a homegrown, homeware brand founded by international pop chanteuse and entrepreneur Ananya Birla, created in collaboration with artisans, artists and designers from India. In highlight for Earth Day is the mood of Junoon; an ode to India’s fearless, saturated, and manic intensity. Created with paper pulp and the traditional adhesive of water and flour, the Ikai Asai Papier-mâché range offers display trays, keepsake bowls and vases in the stark contrast of red and white. Price: On Request. Available at ikaiasai.com.

United Colors of Benetton SS21 PEANUTS DITSY PRINT SHIRT INR 3,299

Slow Fashion, Cool Cotton

While the world of fashion has been a lot about creating trends, Benetton believes that sustainability is the one trend that will never go out of style. Since its inception in 1965, United Colors of Benetton’s vision has always been beyond offering trendy clothes; and about its people and the environment.

Known for being a conscious brand with a strong legacy in promoting sustainable and slow fashion, Benetton’s collections employ 80 percent natural fibres, where some of the items are made out of recycled and regenerated materials, with an aim to use only sustainable cotton by 2025.

United Colors of Benetton SS21 GREEN COTTON CARGO TROUSERS INR 8,000

Since 2017, the Benetton Group has also been a member of the BCI (Better Cotton Initiative), the world’s largest program dedicated to the sustainability of cotton. Following the guidelines of the program, Benetton has been sourcing cotton grown and harvested by farmers who have been trained to minimize the use of fertilizers and pesticides, use water and soil in a sustainable way and promote principles of fairness in labour relations.

United Colors of Benetton SS21 LINEN BERMUDA SHORTS INR 4,000

All the recycled cotton pieces contain at least 20 percent of recycled cotton coming from certified supply chain components. Benetton also procures organic cotton from certified supply chains, which are controlled by independent bodies that trace the entire manufacturing process, from the plant to the packaging of the finished garment, from the collection of cotton to the production of the thread and fabric. Pure, biodegradale and Woolmark certified, United Colors of Benetton wool is an ambassador of Italian knitwear around the world. The wadding found inside United Colors of Benetton garments is made of recycled polyester and comes exclusively from certified supply chains. In particular, it is obtained by recycling common plastic food bottles (PET).

United Colors of Benetton SS21 WHITE PEANUTS T-SHIRT INR 2,599

A selection of items from the United Colors of Benetton Beachwear Collection is made of ECONYL®, a 100% regenerated nylon fiber made from waste and production scraps. ECONYL® maintains the same characteristics and performance as nylon, and it is infinitely recyclable. The use if linen, an ancient plant fiber that is naturally sustainable, further makes the linen items sustainable. Viscose used by Benetton, even in its modal and lyocell variants, is particularly sustainable.

United Colors of Benetton SS21 AQUA GREEN PURE COTTON T-SHIRT INR 1,300

Beyond its sustainable production and manufacturing processes, Benetton also ensures that every purchase is handed over in an eco-friendly paper shopping bag, processed using only water-based ink and from an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper mill, to make the entire conscious shopping experience a holistic one. Price (as shown in captions)

TUMI SS21 Alpha Bravo Lance Russet Large Laptop Backpack INR 44,900

Protecting the World While Travelling

With a heritage of producing the highest quality products, today TUMI, the leading international travel and lifestyle brand, takes the next step in its mission to protect what matters. TUMI is committed to minimizing its impact on the planet by designing for durability and introducing sustainable materials with the launch of Merge, the brand’s first travel collection made with recycled materials, as well as select styles within the Alpha Bravo and Devoe collections. These new products give consumers the option to make a positive choice for the planet without compromising style or quality.

“When the time is right for travellers to embark on their next journey, our promise is to protect not only their treasured personal items, but also the world they travel to see,” says Victor Sanz, TUMI’s Creative Director. “The TUMI brand is innovative by nature, but we are sustainable by choice. And as such, we are committed to designing innovative products and manufacturing processes that take care of our planet, while ensuring that our people are treated with respect and care.”

TUMI Alpha Bravo Nathan Expandable Backpack

The Alpha Bravo recycled collection in the season’s Navy Camo features intelligent design and high-the fabrics to take one from work to weekend or adventure in one lightweight piece. The Devoe collection features a modern architectural aesthetic and utilitarian design crafted in a lightweight luxurious fabric. Signature design details include a water-resistant water bottle pocket that can be used on the interior or exterior of the bag to give you extra packing space when you need it, as well as spacious exterior zip pockets that deliver organization for everyday essentials. Bringing visual interest to the collection, the silver-tone hardware against the navy camo never fails to stun.

TUMI Alpha Bravo McCoy Gym Bag

TUMI is dedicated to building a more sustainable future and has created a program that underscores the importance of sustainability throughout every aspect of its business. It focuses on Innovative Products – by designing products that are built to last and adopting recycled materials, TUMI has diverted more than 980,000 plastic bottles from landfills; Carbon Action – working to reduce carbon intensity by 15 percent and transition to 100 percent renewable energy by 2025; Thriving Supply Chain – requiring suppliers to meet TUMI’s standards of fair and responsible business; and People Focused – providing the global TUMI team with safe working environments and offering the best opportunities, culture and support. Diversity & Inclusion is a key pillar of the brand’s sustainability pledge.

“We design and test all our materials relentlessly for durability and remain committed to the highest quality,” says Christine Riley Miller, TUMI’s Director of Sustainability. “As part of our sustainability program, TUMI will continue to make changes across our business to minimize our impact on climate change. The robust performance of recycled PET alone – meeting all of our 30 rigorous tests – enables us to use responsible materials with no compromise for our customers and uphold our commitment to protecting the planet we love to travel.” Price: On request.

Fossil's Solar Watch INR 11,995

Solar Power and Desert Chic

As part of a continued commitment to sustainability, and in celebration of Earth Month, Fossil launches its latest pro-planet assortment. This collection includes brand new cactus leather tote bags made in partnership with Desserto®, and the second iteration of the limited-edition Solar Watch. The launches follow commitments that Fossil announced in 2019 as part of its ongoing Make Time For Good initiative, dedicated to making change in communities throughout the world through pro-planet materials, products and packaging, as well as reducing its footprint in water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Fossil's organic cactus leather tote bags - INR 19,925

Fossil is proud to be one of the first retailers to introduce vegan cactus leather, an innovative material new to the industry, through the collection of Kier Cactus Leather Totes. Each bag is designed with material made from organically grown cactus leaves developed by Desserto®, a Mexico-based company with a focus on sustainable materials. The leaves come from cactus plants that require only rain water and Earth minerals for growth. Once harvested, the leaves are dried in the sun for three to six days, which removes the need for any additional energy source for the drying process. Not only is this an energy-efficient processing technique, but no herbicides, pesticides or irrigation systems are used in the production of the cactus. As a result of this innovative process, each Kier tote saves 7.5 liters of water – the equivalent of fifteen 500 milliliter water bottles. Additionally, each cactus’ trunk is left intact to enable repeat harvesting, as the leaves regenerate every six to eight months. The collection will include four stunning colourways – moss, wine, black and brown. Price: INR 19,295.

"After witnessing first-hand the impact that tanneries have on the environment, we sought to create a vegan alternative that leaves a lighter footprint while meeting our rigorous quality standards," says Desserto co-founder Marte Cázarez. “Almost immediately, we decided to leave our jobs and dedicate the next two years to designing and creating a solution."

"Since first introducing Desserto cactus leather to the world in 2019, we have continued to develop and educate others on our materials and sustainable processes. Today, we are proud to partner with brands, like Fossil, who share a vision of reducing their environmental impact through the use of eco-friendly materials,” adds Desserto co-founder Adrián López Velarde.

Fossil Solar Watch.

Fossil is also proud to announce the second iteration of its limited-edition Solar Watch – the World-Timer – launched on Earth Day. The watch houses a solar-powered movement with rechargeable battery, which can reach a full charge after eight hours in the sun and will retain charge for up to three months. Also, the 42 mm watch case is made with castor oil while the rPet strap is made from post-consumer plastic bottles. In addition to its pro-planet designs, the World-Timer is packed with features, including a compass, stopwatch, alarm, timer, and world time function. In the world time function, the user can select from forty-nine cities around the world to easily check the local time in that area, connecting users across the globe. Price: INR 11,995.

Reebok's sustainable Floatride sneakers

Float Free

Reebok releases the new version of its innovation in running footwear: Floatride Energy Grow, the plant-based running shoe for high-performance. It combines the award-winning Forever Floatride Energy model with the commitment and responsibility to protect the environment and strive to create a fitter planet. It guarantees that at least 50 percent of the used materials are plant-based. To keep the high-performance standards of the best-in-class running shoe, each component was researched and tested to deliver this innovative product. Key features include: full performance running feel expected from the Forever Floatride Energy 3 model; Castor bean midsole delivers responsive and lightweight cushioning; Comfort flared heel collar and natural rubber outsole is durable and flexible; Bloom algae sockliner is molded for increased support and cushioning; Eucalyptus upper is durable and breathable; Total weight of 8.1 oz/230g women; 9.7 oz/275g men.

The Reebok Floatride Energy Grow sneaker

"Running in the Reebok Floatride Energy Grow has been an eye-opener in seeing what's possible when you switch from traditional materials to plant-based,” says Joel Charley, COO Midnight Runners UK. “As far as I can tell, there is no sacrifice in performance, and certainly not in style. This no-compromise, sustainable approach is wonderful to experience as Reebok takes steps (no pun intended) towards doing their part for the future of our planet."

Reebok's Floatride - sustainable footwear made with castor beans, eucalyptus, BLOOM algae and natural rubber

Price: INR 9,999 onwards. Available at select Reebok stores and online at shop4reebok.com

AM to PM Collection, trueBrowns

Naturally Luxe

With nature in mind, trueBrowns drops the second edition of Spring Summer 2021 Collection, which seeks inspiration from a new found sense of belief and courage, and celebrates the small victories of everyday living even when the outside world shuts down.

Entitled, AM to PM, the collection features alluring incorporation of lightweight, finely crafted, luxe ensembles that have been brought together in a simplified and relaxed fashion. As the name so speaks, the collection is a quintessential representation of pieces that are supremely versatile, easy to don and can effortlessly transition from a formal work look to playing host for an intimate celebration.

Cotton Linen Lime Green Sleeveless Flared Kurta Pant Set, trueBrowns, INR 2,999

Think flowy, flared silhouettes with round, asymmetric hemlines and pleat detailing with relaxed bottoms in breathable, high-quality cotton-linen fabric.

The collection comes in hues that range from dark, to sorbet, light, and pastel shades. each piece enunciating everyday glamour, ranging across a varied size bracket of 2XS to 6XL. Price: INR 2,599 upwards. Available at trueBrowns.com

Asics SS21 Earth Day shoes

Planet-friendly Run

Sport and exercise fans always want to keep their activity levels high, but their environmental impact low. Now they need look no further than a new collection of environmentally sustainable footwear and apparel launched today by Asics.

The new Earth Day Pack is the Asics brand’s most planet-friendly cross-category collection to date having been created using a circular manufacturing approach that saw around five tonnes of textile waste, the equivalent of 25,000 T-shirts, recycled into new shoes.

Asics Tarther Blast shoes - INR 8,999

The pack includes many popular products from across Asics running, court, and Sportstyle ranges, including Gel-Nimbus™ 23, Glideride™ 2, Gel-Resolution™ 8 and Tarther™ Blast shoes, as well as a wide range of clothing. Even the The socklining of the shoes is developed using a resource-saving technology called solution dyeing that reduces CO2 emissions by around 45 percent and cuts water use by around 33 percent compared to conventional dyeing processes. And all footwear feature a specially created sunflower icon symbolizing the brand’s commitment to preserving the planet for future generations.

The Earth Day Pack’s launch follows the release of the Sunrise Reborn Pack earlier this year. Made in part from recycled clothing collected in Japan, it employed the same advanced technology to create a range of upcycled apparel and footwear for the Japan team to wear during an international sporting event.

The Earth Day Pack is now on sale globally in-store. Price: INR 8,999. visit asics.com

Jack & Jones eco-friendly jeans

Eco-friendly Denims

Jack&Jones Protect is the most sustainable denim collection to date founded on the premise of eco-responsibility. Featuring fabric made from a blend of BCI cotton and polyester from recycled pet bottles, dyed/manufactured using recycled water & no fresh water and used bottle corks for the back patch while the buttons are lead, nickel, cadmium free buttons.

Jack & Jones sustainable jeans

The new range of Jack&Jones sustainable denim is not just a trend but instead a new way of life. With Protect, Jack&Jones is committed to the core values of ethical sourcing, usage of recycled materials and green chemistry by treating the denim with eco-friendly methods like e-flow, ozone, and lazer. Price: INR 2,999 onwards. Available on the Jack&Jones India website and all the stores. Visit www.jackjones.in/protect


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