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California of the 90s is Canali’s inspiration for Spring Summer 2022, with a laid-back elegance and a refined eye for precious materials taking precedence in this exquisite menswear collection.

Canali SS21 - suede trucker jacket, jersey cotton T, wool pants, silk foulard

Canali SS22 - drawstring pants combined with a louche jacket, sneakers, and printed shirt completes the LA look

The past can be celebrated, narrated, remembered, or relived. For the Spring-Summer 2022 collection, Canali immerses itself in the Los Angeles of the 1990s. References to light at sunrise and sunset, the colours of the ocean and hills, and the multifaceted atmospheres of its many neighbourhoods are the inspiration behind this season. As the light changes in intensity throughout the day, the colours chase the shadows that creep through the lush California greenery and large house windows along the hillside. The fresh light hues of the morning complement the warm tones of midday, which anticipate the pinkish glow of the sunset. The different pieces from this Canali collection merge with the city, creating new and unexpected combinations.

Canali SS21 - wool blazer, shirt, and pants, silk foulard, and suede sneakers Canali SS22 - charcoal grey jacket and pants The Exclusive pieces introduce a laid-back elegance featuring refined details and precious materials. Leather garments are a key element this season: a refined taupe single-breasted buckskin blazer, a green suede jacket embellished with handmade nappa leather threading, a suede aviator jacket with patch pockets and buckskin espadrilles with stitched rope uppers complete the looks. “Dandy” tailored suits and jackets define the silhouettes of the season. This stylistic choice enhances the search for detail and conveys, through elements of the high sartorial tradition, the unique personality of the contemporary dandy. This also reflects in a range of bold garments such as anoraks, bomber jackets and silk scarves, a cotton boat-neck sweater with an iconic structured stitch and real horn buttons, or wide leg trousers with a drawstring waist.

Canali SS22 - striped shirt and suede jacket Canali SS22 - two buttoned blazer, V neck linen polo and white sartorial pants

The 1934 pieces are inspired by the warm colours of the Los Angeles hills and elegantly reinterpret Canali signatures. We find garments and fabrics that originate from functional traditions such as denim and workwear and that over time have been stylistically reinterpreted to become true style icons of the male wardrobe. The trucker jackets come in a variety of versions: white denim, aqua- or tobacco-coloured suede. In addition, the classic trucker jacket is reworked in white denim with patch pockets in tobacco suede. This colour is also present on the tailored trousers with double pleats that match the soft lines of the jacket and indigo shirt with contrasting tobacco stitching. Moving on to knitwear, we find weaves of white, blue and tobacco that create geometric patterns on garments made with braid stitch. Blue tones dominate the suits, blues ranging from intense denims to turquoise. Canali SS22 - goatskin jacket, jersey cotton T, white chinos, foulard Canali SS22 - the cool look of summer where black and white are never out of style

Los Angeles is somewhere you can expect the unexpected, a place to explore. The Canali man is transported to a dimension as full of energy as the vibrant L.A. urban fashion of the 90s. The Black Edition pieces are inspired by street art, music and sport. The result is a mix of bright colours combined with bold, textured graphics. The hooded jacket features white graphics on a black background while the short-sleeved shirts with bowling collars are enhanced by maxi prints. Rubber details are present this season in the form of technical fabric outerwear, such as the black anorak with vertical pockets and shoulder opening, and in the stretch cotton jersey with fine flat rib knitting. Here we find garments with the same explosive energy in combination with fluorescent pink colours seen in ultra-light, brightly coloured trainers. Canali SS22 - printed shirt with black pants Canali SS22 - hot pink makes its appearance in suits and fitted tees The Los Angeles of the 1990s is brought to life – the colours, atmosphere and scenery of the eclectic city are all reflected by Canali. Enriching themselves with their mutual differences, the thousand facets of the California city pervade this collection, in which different textures, colours and styles alternate, unite and enhance each other, transporting the Canali man on a new stage of his journey through the male wardrobe. Canali SS22 - an all white shirt and pants combo Canali SS22 - combining shades of green and brown is part of this collection


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