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Khushii NGO by Kapil Dev commemorates its 20th anniversary with a dazzling show by couturier Varun Bahl at the British High Commissioner’s residence in New Delhi – joined by Skinny Witch and Skull-X Vodka as pouring partners.

Karima Kapoor takes a bow, flanked by Kapil Dev and Aman Nath, and the models who walked the ramp Skinny Witch and Skull X vodka

It’s been two incredibly rewarding decades, and this was a time for gratitude. To celebrate its 20th anniversary milestone, and to express their thanks to everyone who has been a part of this journey, Khushii the NGO organized an evening of fashion, music, and art, to raise funds for their mission, at the British High Commissioner's Residence. The lawns of the residence came alive with an exquisite exhibition of specially curated art and a limited-piece auction of exclusive sports memorabilia and objets d’art. To set the mood right and keep spirits high, Skinny Witch Prosecco and Skull X Vodka are the pouring partners for the night.

L-R, Kapil Dev, Vandana Luthra & Rajan Kapoor

Khushii NGO was set up by cricket icon, Kapil Dev, in 2003, to help children transform their lives through education. Khushii works at a national level to ensure that children complete their schooling. Additionally, the NGO helps them stay healthy and empowers their families economically – so that the children can focus on learning.

Rani Kohenur on the ramp

To mark the evening, Minu Bakshi, a long-standing patron of Khushii, gave a short musical performance, while Mr. Kiran Nadar, the visionary behind the iconic Kiran Nadar Museum of Art in New Delhi, delivered a special talk on Philanthropy and Art, post which Rani Kohenur addressed the audience with an important cause of Khushii’s Gender Equality along with a short couplet to celebrate the cause.

Karisma Kapoor for Varun Bahl Karisma Kapoor and Varun Bahl

A guided walkthrough of the Art exhibition and pledging for the cause also took place later in the evening. The highlight for the evening was the ‘Walk for Khushii, for which Bollywood actress Karisma Kapoor graced the ramp and closed the show in a Varun Bahl Couture outfit. "I have always been attached to philanthropic work and the cause of children and education is one that is close to my heart,” says Karisma Kapoor. “When Khushii reached out to me for their 20th Anniversary gratitude evening, the decision came to me very naturally. I am grateful for the NGO to be making a change and nurturing & envisioning a brighter future for the children. I am also so pleased to have walked for Couturier Varun Bahl for the 'Walk of Khushii. Looking forward to the evening and a change, one day at a time."

Shivangi Joshi

The walk also saw an esteemed set of ambassadors of charity were dressed by iconic couturier Varun Bahl, Designers Gauri & Nainika and Isha Jajodia and showcased a walk to celebrate the milestone. Admirable celebrities and socialites like Kapil Dev, Anirudh Khaitan, Aman Nath, Roshini Vadhera, Director Vadhera Art gallery, Sandeep Jajodia, managing director of Monnet Ispat & Energy, Minu Bakshi, poet and singer, and many more who graciously walked the show.

“The unending generosity and continued warmth that our patrons and corporates have been extending to Khushii over all these is in itself a huge sign of encouragement to all of us who are associated with the NGO,” says Mrs Harveen Kapoor, Founder, Khushii. “It speaks strongly of their belief in our cause and drives us to do more because in our country, there is truly so much we can do!”

“We want to reach out to every person we can, every child we can, to bring alive the joys in their lives – because we strive and live to build a better tomorrow, every day, every moment, and transform society through Education and Holistic Development of communities,” says Kapil Dev, Chairperson, Khushii.

The Skinny Witch cart at the British High Commissioner's residence Skull X vodka

Guests were seen enjoying the evening under a starry sky, glasses in hand, sipping on vodka and prosecco. Skinny Witch is the newest venture from the House of Skull X. Offering a delicate aroma through notes of peach and light florals; Skinny Witch prosecco has been able to achieve a perfect balance of flavours, with no added sugars. On the other hand, Skull X Vodka is an award-winning vodka, one of the smoothest in the world, distilled to perfection.

A pour of Skinny Witch


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