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Are lab-grown diamonds real diamonds? The answer is, yes, lab-grown diamonds are as real as mined diamonds, only with a different provenance. Today’s advanced technology can replicate the extreme temperatures and high pressure needed to create a diamond, so that even the most well-trained eye can’t tell the difference!

With the increasing popularity of lab-grown diamonds the world over, many often ask, “Are lab-grown diamonds fake or synthetic?” and “How can you spot the difference between an earth-grown diamond and a lab-grown diamond?”

Yes, lab-grown or cultivated diamonds are exactly the same as earth-grown diamonds. The only difference between the two is that one is grown below the earth and the other is grown above the earth. Cultivated diamonds have always existed even in India but they were created primarily for industrial use such as cutting tools (due to diamonds’ natural hardness).

Over time, the processes and technology used to create these diamonds have evolved so much that these diamonds can now be used in jewellery. Cultivated diamonds are created in machines with the use of high pressure and extreme temperature, replicating nature’s way of making diamonds. The end result – diamonds that are exactly the same as mined diamonds – physically, chemically, and optically.

Even the most experienced jeweller cannot differentiate between an earth-grown and cultivated diamond and you need to use highly scientific tools in the labs to identify these diamonds. But reputed jewellers always declare the use of cultivated diamonds with the help of certification, and the diamonds themselves come with an inscription on the girdle, thereby ensuring consumers are not cheated.

With the use of technology to create these beautiful diamonds and with master craftsmanship when it comes to cutting and polishing, you can get dazzling cultivated diamonds in a matter of four weeks! There’s something for every budget.

Cultivated diamonds are set to storm the Indian market soon, and are technology’s answer to people who need wholly conflict-free diamonds.


Priya Kumari Rana

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